Monday, 3 March 2014

Interiors store of the month: Debenhams

I haven't been into Debenhams Home for a while...but it has really upped its game.

The Bloomingville is especially good. Loving all the Scandi sheepskin details...

Sheepskin cushion, £66.40. Rattan sofa, £239.20, at Debenhams
Set of 6 cereal bowls, £35

1. Cushion, £22.40
2. Rug, from £224 - £368
3. Rug, from £152 - £252
4. Candlestick holder, £11.20
5. Wastebin, £42.50


  1. Wow love the Rug in the center Alexandra - great find, it's beautiful but also realistically priced.

    I am terrible when it comes to interiors I can't seem to stick to one look - I like everything from Bohemian to minimalist Scandi!

    1. I am in awe with this rug - but it IS pretty pricey...but I'm learning most rugs are....!


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