Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Chic-Ugly Shoe Debate...

Nicola Rose, Fashion + Creative Director of Red wearing J Crew and Marni slides and myself, wearing Zara and Birkenstocks. Photograph: Liam Duke
This has been the source of many an Instagram debate and I know there are many that hate this trend but I love Fashion, therefore I love this trend. Mainly because it's new and I (generally) always try to  embrace something new every season. Also, it's comfy.

Nicola's jewelled Marni sandals  - helps that she has size 3 feet!
The Dune sliders almost identical to Isabel Marants - instore mid April

I wrote an article for last month's Red Magazine on my love for this trend and found writing the piece really easy (I often spend hours pouring over an essay, only to delete it and start again, never happy) - it was a trend I really related to. Being someone 'on the go' all the time, this new breed of shoe fits with my life. But you don't have to do the dowdy Birkenstock if you want something a little more glamorous - the High Street have gone mad for this trend and there are tons of bejewelled and metallic versions available.

£37.50, River Island at Asos
£69.99, Zara
£40, Asos
£40, River Island
£38, Topshop
£25, Next
Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller in white Birkenstocks
Footbed sandals, £20, Next


  1. I have to admit to being on the fence for a while but after trying a pair on, I realised they weren't as scary looking as I first thought as I opted for the (softer) option of white over black Birkenstock Arizonas (If they're good enough for Leandra Medine and Kate Moss.....!). Infact they're really quite versatile and I'm looking forward to a nice comfortable cool summer spent in these now. Thanks for the inspro - your article in Red did get me thinking.

  2. I think you've picked out some very wearable ones here. I'm not venturing into this territory yet though until it gets at least 10 degrees warmer x

    1. I tried wearing some today - BIG mistake! Froze my little toes off!

  3. LOVE these. I know they are really marmite, but I totally love them.

    Perfect with a cool skirt and sweatshirt, or with boyfriends.

    1. Totally! They really toughen up a skirt, which I like...

  4. Love the Birkenstocks on Leandra, I pulled my old ones out last summer but they were so my pregnancy sandals I couldn't go through with it...another year on and I am feeling braver! You have a fab selection here I think I may indulge in the Zara jewelled pair too x


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