Saturday, 1 March 2014

Weekend Style...denim

Coat: Asos. Jumper: H+M. Shirt: Gap. Jeans: MiH Jeans. Trainers: Gap
I'm always on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. MiH Jeans made my dream boyfriend style which I wear constantly (the London Boy style, worn here), but they no longer make them! So I am looking for a new version, these are the MiH Phoebe Slim which have the soft, slouchy feel of a boyfriend jean but the fit is a lot slimmer. They are a good length, too, for the summer (you can wear them rolled up when the weather gets a bit warmer!).

The 'Phoebe Slim' jeans, £195, MiH Jeans
I love them styled up with this leather mac...
Wear with:

1. Mac, £60, Next
2. Camouflage Pac-A-Mac, £28, Next
3. Suede clutch, £24.95, Gap
4. Oversized stripe breton, £55, Saint James at Atterley Road
5. Trainers, £59.99, New Balance at Asos
6. Sliders, £25, Asos
It was my dad's birthday this weekend, and we all went for a family lunch in Chelsea, the weather was glorious and we enjoyed fresh seafood at The Cadogan Arms...delicious. And what did we get him for his birthday? A pair of navy blue and grey New Balance, of course - very on trend!


  1. Super stylish as always, those jeans look fab, I have just been told by my husband not to wear my current boyf jeans as they are far too baggy (like he knows?!) but I must admit I kinda agree with him and these MiH ones look perfect..MiH always do a nice summer colour wash and have the perfect stretch to keep their shape. I think I am sold. Ps. I love that you got your Dad New Balance, he is 'on trend'! x

    1. I think a 'slim' boyfriend jean is a lot more husband friendly!!

  2. I love your coat...nice take on the standard black coat.

  3. Men and Bottoms! My DH hates boyfriend jeans. In fact most things that I adore the other half dislikes. It is a good job I dress for myself. I love that leather mac with the jeans too. H x

  4. I have succumbed to a pair of 'Skaters' although I've had to keep them 'pretty' and they are a very pale pink and black colour combo.

    Loving the boyfriends on everyone apart from me though! Maybe I just haven't found the right pair yet.

    Yay just had a nose around your blog and realised you were in Red Magazine last month in Japan - fab article and I am glad I popped by x

    1. I can't live without my skate shoes, now! So glad comfy shoes are fashionable...these slim boyfriends are the best way to do them - Gap have a pair of 'sexy boyfriends' which are pretty flattering, too. And yes, if you ever want to know anything about Japan (mainly sticker related, I'm your gal!) x


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