Sunday, 20 April 2014

Tips From The Pros...

1. So a rather boring but practical tip from me this month: LED lightbulbs! We know about energy-saving bulbs but LED are the new frugal. Lightweight, much more durable and you can up to 24,000 hours more light from LED compared to regular lightbulbs...I used LED ones for my wedding (see above) and now on my christmas tree and soon upgrading my house ones.

2. Speaking of weddings...I have also recently come across Sell My Wedding - a Marketplace for pre-owned wedding dresses, props, decorations etc. I'm starting to go through my old props now to make some extra cash. You can even use photos from your wedding to show how the props were used etc.

I have loads of carafes, water bottles and table runners to resell
3. Paris is closer than you think. My husband and I have just booked to go Paris for our anniversary in July. And if you book far enough in advance as we did, we managed to get Eurostar tickets for £69 return - bargain. 

4. Mary Norden, Stylist and Art Director, has been telling me about the newest Factory Outlet shopping destination: Hackney. Already home to outlet stores such as Burberry, Pringle and Anya Hindmarch, the East London hip spot is set to be the new Bicester Village. Head to Chatham Place and Morning Lane, E9 to bag yourself a bargain.

5. Forget eBay, it's all about a new online selling marketplace: TicTail. This is where bloggers go to sell their wares, as you can use your blog pictures to sell your product. It's also a great place to buy blogger's clothes at a cheaper price. I've just set mine up, you can view it here. I'm only selling a few items at the moment, but I do need to have a proper wardrobe cleanse - watch this space!

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