Wednesday, 28 May 2014

DIY: Shibori with MiH Jeans

A few weeks back, I had the unique privilege of attending a Shibori masterclass with MiH Jeans - an ancient Japanese cloth dyeing technique using indigo.
Photo: MiH (courtesy of Park & Cube)
Niki Livingstone, an expert in the Shibori technique, had flown over from LA and was very patient with us journos. 
The range of shirts, hand dyed by Niki, as a capsule collection for MiH Jeans
Our team, including Hannah from EnBrogue (far right)
After learning the different techniques, using clothes pegs, elastic band and marbles - It reminded me of crafts at school - but with much chicer clothing (we were entrusted with MiH classic shirts, not old rags that my mum no longer needed).

Photo via Park & Cube (I'm pretty sure Hannah is laughing at my efforts, here)
The 'In The Studio' shirt as it started out in life...
I went for the stripe tie-dye effect, using elastic bands
Photo, courtesy of Park & Cube
Our very civilised table of blue meringues and Jasmine tea (Photo: Park & Cube)
Pulling my shirt from the dye, then rinsing (Photo: park & Cube)
Out to dry: my shirt is the dark one on the right
I'm thinking, the perfect holiday shirt worn with my new navy H&M bikini and denim shorts?

My new H+M bikini, with Siwy denim shorts
But if you don't fancy dyeing your own (I'd say it was pretty messy), then you can buy professionally dyed Shibori pieces through MiH:
Shirt, £210, MiH Jeans


  1. Looks like a whole lot of fun and the shirt turned out fabulous. I'd love to do it .... but not in my house :o)

    1. Hannah was positive I was going to set up an indigo studio in my house, after! I loved it!

  2. This takes me back. I used to do this all the time. I must say you all look beautifully colour co-ordinated. I like your' result and I think teaming it with the bikini and shorts will be perfection. H x

    1. We honestly didn't plan the colour co-ord...

  3. I would love to have a go at that. I'm a sucker for tie dye ( and MiH jeans and shirts

    1. If only I could afford to possibly ruin an MiH shirt everyday!


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