Monday, 2 June 2014

My Beauty Cabinet

Maybe I'm getting older, maybe it's the fact I don't get to go to any magazine office beauty sales anymore (very sad) - but I'm really starting to use and appreciate good beauty products, now. I am actually using eye cream and investing in serums. So thought I'd share my current favourites:

Antipodes gentle cream cleanser, from Feel Unique
I only found out about this brand recently and I am hooked. Admittedly, I first feel for the packaging but I am now addicted to its natural ingredients, which just seem to work on my skin.

These two products are my daily evening ritual:

Skin-brightening serum and avocado pear night cream, both Antipodes

A little bit of harmless optimism goes a long old Markus Lupfer London Fashion Week ticket I had framed

Vichy LiftActiv Advanced Filler
This Vichy product is supposed to help with frown lines and deep wrinkles - so a winner in my book. Both my sister and I have been using it as a moisturiser once a day and admittedly, our skin feels more plump and vitalised.

Eve Lom cleanser
The mother of all cleansers, this smells and feels fantastic, and using the muslin cloth feels like it is really deep cleaning. Well worth the price. 
Eve Lom has recently launched make-up, too. I highly recommend the tinted moisturiser (as I hate wearing foundation) - it glides on, lasts all day and doesn't feel like make-up at all.

Darphin cleansng water

Light and fresh, not oil-free and gentle around the eyes whilst removing hardcore masacara. I love this (and very sad it's almost at the end!).

From L-R: The White Company 'Cassis' (part of a set of 4 minis). Nadia Narain 'Love' (part of a set of 5 minis). Nathalie Bond Organics 'True Lavender'
Who doesn't love a candle? I always have minis in the bathroom, and these are my favourites. They also make a fantastic gift at dinner parties. Nathalie Bond is a new brand, which only uses organic and natural ingredients.

Aveda Dry Remedy shampoo and conditioner
I had my second Brazilian Blowdry last week - thank goodness -straight and easy to manage hair for at least 3 months! If you use sulphate free shampoo, it lasts up to 4 months, so I've ditched my usual products for Aveda. The dry remedy range is perfect for my hair and feels so silky soft - try the moisturising masque for the ultimate hair indulgence. It smells amazing.

And when guests come round? I bring out the Bigelow:

Bigelow Rosemary + Mint handwash, £14, Liberty
Mainly because it looks really cool.


  1. I definitely think it's part of getting older, you suddenly realise you need to take better care of what you've got! I've been upgrading my skincare routine to Clinque's 3-step programme, I love their Dramatically Different moisturiser. Also, for natural body wash and hair products (and some lovely candles) I just discovered Bramley products on a recent stay at The Pig in Hampshire - the geranium and lemon conditioner was gorgeous!

    1. I've heard of The Pig in Hampshire - the products already sound good! Clinique stuff is fab, so good for your skin. Since using Vichy, I've realised my skin doesn't have to be spotty - it was just the products I was using!

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