Thursday, 19 June 2014

New Store Alert: Hema Hits The UK

Now I told you about Hema a little while ago in my Amsterdam Frugal City guide - but the good news? It has arrived here in the UK!

I popped into Victoria Station shopping centre to see the comparison. Now don't expect anything major, it's a small premises and there isn't really any homewares (they had cool pendant lights etc in Amsterdam) but it's cute and worth a visit if you happen to pass. Here's what was in my basket:

Teatowels, neon notebooks and greetings cards
This fabric notebook is almost identical to the ones from Liberty, but £4 instead of £9.99 

Obviously, the stationery was the best part for me. 3 rolls of neon washi tape for £3, cards all £1 and the rubber stamp set £3.

The first store has opened in London Victoria shopping centre, and they are soon to be opening a store in Kingston. No online still, sadly - but hopefully its success will mean UK domination. I don't doubt it - we need cheap washi tape, right?!

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