Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Homewares Lust-List

Black metal plant stand, from £29, Holly's House
I also need some copper plant pots for that matter....but thinking DIY is the way to go.

Holly's House has also just launched their own range of homewares, with prices starting from £25 - dreamy cushions and linens:

Cushions, Holly's House
The plans for the loft are slowly going through and I'm thinking of furniture. Urban Outfitters has some great mid century style pieces and I love this chair, down from £395 to £200 (which I believe in chair terms is reasonable):

Chair, £200, Urban Outfitters
Velvet cushion cover, £6.99, H+M Home
Do you remember my Slim Aarons print? Well there is a fab site where you can buy the prints, wall mount, even a wall mural of his iconic pictures: Surface View. Click on your image, and even scroll through rooms to see what the picture would look like on the wall! They have all the famous prints, so a great place to get your hands on some...

Available from Surface View
And on my coffee table?

Jane + Serge. A family album (Taschen), £23.79, Amazon


  1. Love, love, love everything on this post - could have been written by me ; ) Thanks for the inspiration!

    Leyla (

    1. Thank you! I'm constantly after reasonable homes products - it's definitely a challenge!

  2. Oh THANK YOU! I found Hannah's House a while ago and completely forgot the name of it - I've been looking for it ever since.

    1. Yep, sometimes you need a jog of the memory - there are so many stores out there!

  3. Many thanks for the mention of the Jane & Serge book. Would like a copy? Email :)


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