Sunday, 3 August 2014

Beauty Tips From The Pros {Part 2}

Today I'm continuing with my Tips From the Pros series, asking top industry insiders what they'd spend their money on, and what they wouldn't...

Ashley Ward, make-up artist (@ashwardmakeup)

Ashley with Georgia May Jagger on Instagram
When writing Ashley's bio, it's probably easier to ask who Ashley hasn't done make-up for. Glamour in its purest form, she is rarely seen without heels and has done make-up for all the supers including Eva Herzigova, Natalia Vodianova and Kate Moss. Ashley recently did the amazing make-up on Bekah Jenkins for my Bardot inspired shoot in Barbados for Red (see post here). Here are her frugal beauty tips (which she told me over the phone, rather than email, because she's old school like that):

"My Desert Island product, which has been in my bag for over 12 years is Guerlain Terracotta Pour Homme Bronzing Powder. It's a man's bronzer, I love it because it has no sparkle, it gives your tan more leverage and you can contour with it. It comes with its own brush and is larger than the women's one".

Guerlain Terracotta Pour Homme Bronzing Powder, £37.50, Feel Unique

"Another great alternative to this is Benefit Hoola Bronzer. If I was going to a festival and needed something compact, I'd take this".

Benefit Hoola, £23.50, Feel Unique

"Benefit's They're Real! Mascara is genius - it just makes your eyelashes look extra long but when it coats them it doesn't cause any build up or change their shape. This masacara also comes in The Real Steal set which is worth every penny, it comes with a matt gel eyeliner (which is great for a flick) and an eye make-up remover, all in one".

Benefit They're Real! mascara, £19.50, Feel Unique
Benefit The Real Steal mascara, eyeliner and eye make-up remover set (minis) , £19.50, Feel Unique

Mandy Winrow, make-up artist (@mandywinrow)

Mandy has worked for all the top magazines, travelled all over the world (including my favourite, Japan) and worked with all calibre of celebs including Sienna Miller. But she still has time to tell us about her latest frugal find...

"Real Technique brushes are really affordable and work. They're what make-up artists use, they really polish the skin and give a beautiful dewy complexion. The core set of brushes are handy for travelling, too as they come in their own bag".

Real Techniques Core Collection, £21.99, Boots


  1. I'm really interested in the men's Guerlain bronzer as I hate sparkle and shimmer. Just at the dreg ends of my Benefit Hoola (which I love, but am always looking for new products. What a great post!

  2. Such an interesting tip, isn't it! Why I love asking actual experts in beauty - it's often a completely different answer to the one I expect!

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