Thursday, 28 August 2014

Frugal City Guide: Shopping in Gothenburg

I only had one day to explore shops in Gothenburg but I LOVED it. Don't expect much fashion, it was all about the interiors shops for me (it is Sweden, after all). If you're thinking about going, do - it's a gorgeous city, and not too big so you can experience it over a long (or short) weekend. I just wish my suitcase was bigger!

Here was where we shopped:

Hope - a trendy fashion shop in Gothenburg, it's pricey but very Acne/Scandi cool. If you like the Scandi aesthetic, I recently found out they stock Hope it KJ's Laundry!

Granit - the best storage shop you'll ever see. It's affordable, but not 'cheap' and still holds style kudos amongst Swedes:

Where I got my idea for my Aloe Vera plant...

The website's homepage image: says it all (I need everything) 
My interpretation of Scandi chic in my bedroom
Design Torget - this shop gives me all the pleasure of a Museum gift shop - intelligent books, brilliantly designed utensils and lots of chopping boards.

Lagerhaus - this was by far my favourite store, it's like the Ikea marketplace - much more warehouse like and let's face it, cheaper! there wasn't much that was over £6, and I bought my concrete planter, copper toothbrush holder, neon candlesticks, cards and a grey tie-dye teatowel for under £15...

Grandpa - if I could design a shop, this would be it. A carefully curated store of cool clothing, interiors, cool signing and prints. I couldn't afford much (I bought a print) but it was gorgeous.

If you love Scandi things like me, then Gothenburg is a must - I can't wait to do another mini break there (I'll take an empty holdall).


  1. The bags from Granit caught my eye there - they remind me of one of the men's totes from the H&M Marni collaboration from a few years back. And the galvanised letter holders - I think the family home in Hong Kong has some of those outside - I think they're de-rigeur there. I shall be seeing them in a new fashionable light when I go back :o)

    1. Haha - I think the same in Japan, too! I love anything concrete, galvanised and bare...;)

  2. Replies
    1. I wish I had more space to bring some back...

  3. Golly totally impressed with the Lagerhaus purchases. I could quite happily spend time wandering around that shop filling up my basket x

    1. My idea of heaven is wandering through a store like this, filling up my basket!

  4. Every time I visit Sweden Lagerhaus gets ALL MY MONEY. I stock up on notebooks and whatever else they're offering. They are awesome.

  5. I'm married to a guy from G'burg and love shopping there. Yes still you show me new places! Thanks


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