Saturday, 23 August 2014

My World: Bathroom Update

So when I came back from Sweden, my wonderful husband had surprised me by getting his friend (a tiler by trade) to retile our bathroom!

Bubble bath: Anthropologie. Candle: The White Company (part of a set). Body wash: Bjork and Berries.
I was lost for words (for once)...he had even decided on grey grout himself, and I love how it has transformed our somewhat "tired" bathroom (by "tired", I mean we were making do with horrid peach tiles and painting everything grey around them so they would look somewhat decent). I've just realised I don't even have a 'before' shot as I'd always cropped the tiles out! 

My bathroom is now like breath of cool air.

I've even found a new found love for the brass shower fittings, which always looked so granny like with the peach tiles...
We are lucky, as we had a friend who kindly did the hard work for free...but it is a good frugal option when you can't afford an entire new bathroom.

I also picked up a few cool Scandi bits from Gothenburg which I love:

Concrete plant pot, roughly £3 from Lagerhaus in Gothenburg. Candle: Heidi Klein. Cactus: Lidl
Soap dish, roughly £3. Toothbrush holder, roughly £2, Lagerhaus


  1. It looks great. Clare x

  2. Oooh! Love it - looks very chic. I have read your blog for ages and thought it was about time I started commenting! x

  3. How sweet is your husband!? I'd settle for mine cleaning the tiles next time I'm away ;)
    Bathroom look awesome.x


  4. Looks great! I've been looking for a similar concrete pot plant holder in London recently and struggling to find one. Any ideas on where I might get one. Thanks, Sarah


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