Saturday, 30 August 2014

Weddings: What To Wear {Part Five}

Lilac camisole dress: £60, Oasis. Blazer, All Saints (buy similar here). Leather clutch: £25, Oasis
Last weekend, not only was I at a wedding, but my husband and I were filming a wedding with Lucky No 13 - we were so excited to be part of such a special day....but what to wear? 

I found this Oasis dress a few weeks back, and I loved its simplicity. And the leather clutch (real leather for £25!) is the closest I'll ever come to owning the Anya Hindmarch crisp packet clutch:

Natalie Massenet with the Anya clutch
'Stephanie' clutch, £25, Oasis

I took the belt off the dress and wore mine with flats, and as I found out on the day - it makes a great bridesmaid dress (the bride had actually considered this dress as an option for hers!). So if anyone is still looking for a wedding option (or, like me, a late holiday dress) then this is ideal. 

Jacket: All Saints. Dress: Oasis. Clutch: Oasis. Sandals: Balenciaga


  1. Very cool dress. Love how the blazer adds a touch of masculinity.

    Anneli x

  2. The clutch is so like the Anya crisp packet. Love it

  3. The contrast of your feminine, soft dress and the classic blazer is gorgeous! Your metallic clutch is really lovely.

    Annette | Lady of Style

  4. We had a quick and extremely cost-effective ceremony here. We didn't even used flowers and instead used a lot of candles, vases with colored beads and some sparkly branches, and the room looked warm and inviting.

  5. Great Collections!! Love the clutch and it seems to look more fashionable along with the wardrobe. You seem to give a more a modish look. Love it!!


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