Saturday, 4 October 2014

Frugal Tips: Affordable Art

It's not often you can buy original Art that doesn't set you back at least half your mortgage/rent. However, a website called Original Art for Under £100 is here to help. All the work on the site is under £100 and signed by the artists, the artists pay the site a fee and none of this charge is passed onto the consumer.

As any artist can sign up, you do have to sift through but there are some real gems on the site. So take a look at

Fancy more of a day out? The Other Art Fair is back on between 16th-19th October at The Truman Brewery, East London. Browse and buy from sculpture to photographic prints and stop in Dirty Burger to refuel along the way.

Man with carrot, £85
Seed, £150
Kingfisher in a Ring, £230


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