Wednesday, 22 October 2014

This Month I'm...

1. Going wheat and dairy free! My husband and I know we've been intolerant for a while but we've never done anything about it. Until now. There just seem so many more options these days, with blogs such as Deliciously Ella and even Sainsbury's selling 'Free From' products...we're using all our willpower to give it a go (for good!).

2...Meeting blogger friends - Briony from A Girl, A Style has been a kind of mentor to me on blogging, and it was about time I paid her a visit in her beautiful city of Cambridge. We're hoping to meet up on halloween for a day of coffee shops, catch ups and sights.

3...Getting over jetlag. Albeit a bit slowly, my body clock has been all over the place since my back to back New York and Arizona trips. I'm quenching my skin with Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and Origins 'Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask'.

4...Staying local for a bit. No big travel plans for the rest of the year, currently - so I'll be enjoying the next few months in London (trying out a few gluten free menus, I'm sure).

5...Waiting for the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration to hit stores on 6th November. I went to the Press viewing last week and it looks pretty good. My eye is on the leather backpack and sliders.

6...Replenishing my winter wardrobe. I probably have enough pair of boots, but these sparkly ones from Boden have been calling out to me.


  1. I love this entire list (I'm also thinking about replenishing my wardrobe for winter; replacing old favourites with new classics), and I can't wait so show you around Cambridge!

    Briony xx

  2. I am desperate to get the glitter boden boots!!! Xxx

    1. I got them! Going to trst them this weekend! x


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