Monday, 17 November 2014

DIY: Flower Arranging

Amanda Austin Flowers, on King's Road, Chelsea
I arranged my own flowers for my wedding, and I enjoyed it, I like to think I have a natural eye. But it was also just putting a few sprigs into small vases...actual flower arranging is very different. And having the chance to play around with the most beautiful quality, and pretty much bottomless amount of flowers? Priceless. 

This weekend, I spent a wonderful Saturday at Amanda Austin Flowers with friends and bloggers (including Briony from A Girl, A Style and Monica from The Elgin Avenue) making the most beautiful arrangements. 

I went for the all white option with ranunculus, cabbage tulips, guelder roses and eucalyptus, and chose to arrange it wild and meadowy. I must admit, I went off-piste a little with my arrangement but luckily the 'wild' element meant it looked like a purposeful display.

Amanda, showing us how it's done
Adding the finishing touches to mine
The key is roughly to follow the formula of placing flowers (starting with your green elements) in all four corners and then the middle and following through with all your elements - but it is definitely worth learning yourself - or as a great hen do idea!
With my finished arrangement - I couldn't believe I'd made it myself...!

Useful facts I also learnt on the day:
  • Waitrose have the best flower buyer and the best quality supermarket flowers.
  • Sainsbury's freeze their flowers to make them last, so you're best to buy seasonal flowers from there - as they will be fresher and last longer.
  • Always cut the stem of the flowers as it gives the stems more space to drink the liquid. If they have a thick, woody stem also slit the bottom in half.
  • You're meant to change the water for flowers every 2 days. If you buy Aquapac flowers and they didn't make it in front of you, change the water as soon as you get home as it will have bacteria in the bag.
Proud face! I later gave these to my mum, who was over the moon (makes a change to my usual Lidl offerings!)

Thanks so much, Amanda - I will definitely be back!


  1. It's true - it's never quite as easy as it looks and there is some method behind it all. I learn new tricks all the time from my florist friend just by talking to her and following her around her garden in the summer when she picks flowers (she grows a lot of blooms for cutting) and arranges them as she goes and what works and what doesn't. The course looks fab - I did one at Jane Packers in Marylebone years and years ago and it was one of the best experiences I ever had. I still have a polaroid photo I took of my arrangement when I got it home ... all the way to Yorkshire!

    1. You've got naural talent for flower arranging from looking at your blog, Sue! I was so chuffed with my arrangement!

  2. That looks like a dream day, completely agree that it is a fab idea for a Hen do! Agree that Waitrose are best for flowers, they really last longer than any others I have. Love the wild, white arrangement xx

    1. Waitrose has the best of most things, I generally believe - think you get what you pay for!

  3. I'd love to get some advice on this, what a great day you had.
    White flowers are my favourites and your arrangement is so beautiful!

    Annette | Lady of Style


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