Monday, 24 November 2014

Dungarees (for grown-ups)

Coat: H&M. Denim dress: MiH for Net A Porter. Shirt: H&M. Bag: Zara. Shoes: Miu Miu

I love a jumpsuit but dungarees...? They just look a bit wrong on me. Maybe it's because I am always tempted to put my 'go to' crew-neck sweater and jumper underneath, often striped. And I end up looking like a CBeebies presenter.

And then my colleagues at Red magazine suggested I tried something with a bit more skin, even sheer. The key is to see a bit of skin. And suddenly a whole world of possibilities opened up for me!

Denim dress, £225, MiH Jeans 

This denim dungarees dress is pricey, but I don't often believe in scrimping on denim. Plus MiH just always get it right for me, this is from their 1970s inspired range for Net A Porter, and both denim and 70s will be huge trends for next S/S.

Plus you can always accessorise with cheaper, High Street pieces.

Wearing with Next shirt and 'Mercy' boots, £90, Office

Leopard works with anything in my opinion, but with denim it's a match made in heaven...


Faux fur coat, £79.99 Mango (I just bought this!)
Blue leopard shirt, £28, Next (this would look great under dungarees)
Ponyskin boots, £62-£74, Next


  1. This looks so fabulous on you, not one hint of Cbeebies. Definitely worth it as it looks like a year round piece, perfect!

  2. What a well timed post - I've just been looking at dungarees on Pinterest and on various fashion blogs and wondering if I should take a chance on them. I've seen some that I think might be worth a go but I can't help worrying I'll look like an 11 year old version of myself from 1991! I know the 90s are back but not in that way! Still, I might go for it, what you've said about choosing carefully what to layer underneath them is key I think so thanks for the tip. Your dress looks fab!

  3. How timely, was just thinking this weekend I'd like a black denim pinafore style dungaree dress. Don't suppose you've seen any black versions on your travels? x

  4. I'm loving the 70s slant which MiH have taken for their next season - I've seen some lovely pieces via various Instagram feeds. And I have a real soft spot for your H&M leopard shirt - especially knowing that it was a former dress which has been hacked down. Worn with the denim dungaree dress - it's really striking especially with the cute Miu Miu shoes.


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