Sunday, 16 November 2014

*Frugal Buy* Grey Slip-ons

Let's face it, they're the easiest answer to getting dressed in the morning, and they even work with jeans and socks. These H&M pair (at the front) even have the Celine-esque platform sole and high cut front - but much better value at £24.99.

My pick? This Next pair for £24. Why? Because they're affordable, easy, and have a faux sheepskin lining that will keep you warm all winter.

Felt 'Borg' skater shoes, £24, Next


  1. Have just ordered the grey next shoes!! I have a leopard print pair so these will be a bit more 'sensible'!! Thanks for the tip :)

  2. Frugal brings you down to the penny pincher level. You may remember that one friend who would split cost down to the penny, yes they are frugal, yet they somehow manage to be wealthier as well. I wonder why. Frugal living does not have to be taking it too far as wearing T-shirts with holes in them. But buying new clothes is very rare indeed because there are still clothes that can be worn. A new pair of shoes are not bought till the soles are about to fall off.I find this website for Skate Shoes. You can visit this site.


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