Sunday, 30 November 2014

Winter Warmers

Coat (I removed the collar and belt): £30, Matalan. Faux fur gilet: £159.20 Wallis. Cashmere jumper: £99.95, Gap. Jeans: Zara. Socks: Gap. Boots: £148, Free People. Bag: Lulu Guinness
It's suddenly got pretty cold, right? To be honest, I'm quite enjoying it - it only feels good buying Christmas presents when it feels like Christmas outside.

I haven't actually bought many clothes this season, so am working out how to feel winter ready. And the answer is basically: warm layers. I'm investing in faux fur, cashmere and layers of socks! 

My Wallis gilet is now being worn over my coats to add a bit of warmth, and cashmere is a must for both at home and in the office. I love my Gap one (and am lusting after the cashmere leggings!) but Uniqlo's ones are just as good and better value. I know it sounds cliche, but there really is nothing better at keeping you warm than cashmere!

6 High Street Winter Warmers:

1. Marabou feather beanie hat, £13, River Island

2. Faux fur coat, £95, Topshop

3. Cashmere socks, £35, The White Company

4. Cashmere jumper, £59.90, Uniqlo

5. Cashmere gloves, £27, Accessorize

6. Faux fur stole, £35, Asos


  1. I always see what fashions you introduce and think, I doubt I will like that look, one minute of reading later, I love/need that look.

  2. Darling outfit!

    I'd forgotten about your blog, Alexandra, and just came across it again. I'll be sure to keep up, now that I've returned.

    Nancy (Natalie's aunt)


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