Friday, 23 January 2015

Interiors Obsession: Marble

Images from Pinterest
Aah...marble. The ultimate luxury monochrome, and everyone's favourite instagram backdrop right now. Thanks to Balenciaga, it's having a moment - and I want in. But the thing is, it's not cheap - marble-top tables? A fortune. So here's a few little items which will help give your life the monochrome lift it needs, without forking out for the marble pricetags.

Sports bra, £22.95, Gap Fit
Marble tiles, £2.49 each, Topps Tiles
Marble effect wrapping paper, £6.10, Etsy

1. Ceramic pot, £6.99, H+M Home

2. Candle, £3.99, H+M Home

3. Marble effect iPhone 6 case, £6.78, Etsy

4. Marble effect notebook, £15, Studio Sarah at Quill London

5. Marble nesting tables, £279 for 2, West Elm

6. Ceramic mug, £12, Gary Birks at Rockett St George

7. Cushion cover, £7.99, H+M Home

8. Photo frame, £6.99, H+M Home

9. Marble effect gift tags, £9 for 24, Rockett St George


  1. If you like marble you should definitely check out the work of Lily Kamper - her jewellery is modern and crazy and beautiful! I think it'd suit your style to a 'T' !!

    1. Oh yes, it's gorgeous! I have seen it before on instagram etc - so lovely

  2. Uh oh.. My iphone 6 won't arrive until next month but have had to order that marble case ready! (And need to hit oxford st for h&m home tomorrow!


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