Monday, 19 January 2015

New Season: S/S TREND Report

It's that time of year, the in-between freezing cold bit - where we're bored of our winter clothes but still not quite ready for Spring...

I myself am already willing Spring to hurry up - I bought a kaftan from Zara the other day (wishful thinking, indeed), I have already edited the March issue (and some of April) shopping pages for Red - and believe me, we have an exciting season ahead (in fashion terms).

I've narrowed it down to the key trends I'll be buying into and that excite me the most.

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Denim, denim and more denim. And not just jeans - structured jackets, coats, dresses - the darker blue the better. 

Parka, £40 (in the sale), Marques'Almeida x Topshop

We caught the tail-end of the fringing fad this winter, but it's set to be huge for Spring - accessories will be the no-brainer entry level point here.

Suede tassel bag, £65, Topshop
There's something a bit 70s about this look (70s is a big influence all over this season) - and the good thing it's quite easy to achieve with a billow sleeve dress and a Roman sandal.

Lace-up sandals, £94 in the sale, Ancient Greek Sandals
A 'must buy' piece for the season, they look great with white trainers or heels and it instantly transforms eveningwear into a more relaxed look. Dark colours are best - look for navy, denim or black.

Wearing my Topshop boiler suit last summer

Boiler suit, £58, Topshop
Utility is given a modern twist with tan and gold accessories. Khaki will be your new best friend. Throw on a shirt dress, add some mannish flat sandals, a cross body bag and you're good to go.

Leather shirt dress, £149.99, H&M
Leather cross-body bag, £49 (in the sale), Jigsaw

Now to the more tricky trend. There is a lot of suede to get your head around, but stay with me. A cropped jacket would make a great wardrobe game-changer, or a short-sleeved knit would work really well under a pair of dungarees (and if they're denim, like Poppy's, then two trends in one!). I'll be revisiting the iconic 'Marrakesh' flared jeans by MiH for my dose of 70s revival.

Poppy Delevingne in Frame Denim dungarees
'Marrakesh' jeans, £185, MiH Jeans


  1. Gah! I just sent a pair of Marrakesh's back! In all honesty though, they were nice but not great on me and I did try both the skinny Marrakesh and the regular ones. You have a different body shape and a bit more height - they will be great on you.

    And I love this roundup but will you be doing a similar round up on shoes? I see the Hippy Luxe and have a pair of sandals which fit with this beautifully but what else will be coming up - I see wedges to compliment the flared jeans and seventies theme but how fares the old fuglies this year?

    1. I just bought a pair of look-a-likey Marrakesh's from H&M (sorry MiH....)! I think fugly sandals will still be in, but more with details - like a masculine Marni slider with tasseled front. I need to look at shoes again actually, as apart from the Roman sandal and a fringed heel, there's not much else going on it seems. I think it will evolve as we go...

  2. I have just read your blog for the last hour! Opps.

    Oh well, I love it.

    Sheree x


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