Sunday, 1 February 2015

Guest EDIT {Little Spree}

I am excited to announce another Frugality Guest Edit! Today's post is from the women behind fab kidswear blog: Little Spree.

Little Spree was started by fashion editor Sarah Clark in 2012 after becoming known for her amazing kidswear finds following the birth of her twins in 2010.
Sarah met Nicky Hornsby-Clifton in 2013. They bonded the moment they met: dropping the kids off at nursery (wearing the same Isabel Marant boots). They now work together on the blog, and have come up with Mama Spree, a weekly post on how to look like a super stylish mum, too.

Here is the Little Spree High Street edit, or what I like to call the 'Frugal Spree':

1. Tabitha (Sarah's daughter) wears a bow pretty much every day. Verity Jones was one of my earliest Little Spree discoveries. She has the best selection of colours and the prices are hard to beat! £3, Verity Jones

2. We love these sandals, and have already posted them on Little Spree. They work just as well with skirts/dresses as with jeans/trousers. Wear them with socks or tights until the Spring. So cute. Size 12.5-5, £34.99, Mango

3. We always love a Breton on Little Spree, and this H&M sweater looks a lot more expensive than the price tag. Age 1 - 10, £9.99, H&M

4. These are a great high-street interpretation of a designer pair of boys boots we loved last Winter. M&S are doing some great kids shoes at the moment. Sizes 4-10, £24, Marks & Spencer

5. Bailey (Nicky's son) has this and it’s proved to be so versatile. He wears it with a warm chunky sweater in the Winter, and as his go-to coat in milder weather. We love Cos kids! Particularly for boys. Age 1-8, £45, Cos

6. Jumpsuits for little girls! So sweet. We love this floral one, and I’ll definitely be buying it for Tabitha. Wear a long sleeved Breton tee under or a cardigan over it until Spring. Age 1-5, £22.95, Gap

7. These are a great alternative to jeans. We love the skinny fit and the biker details. So cool. Age 3-14, £19.99, Zara

8.We find it quite hard to find simple, stylish girls cardigans on the High Street. This is a gorgeous one. Age 7-8, £20.40 in the sale, La Coqueta

For more amazing kidswear (and adult) finds, visit


  1. The best thing about this post is that the sandals actually come in my size! That's my favourite party trick - Zara and Gap Kids for basics and always check the kids section for shoes. I get my Nike's half price as they go up to a UK5.5 as well!

  2. I follow Sarah on Instagram and i just love her finds - despite being an adult! Her children are the most beautiful little things and that gal has a serious eye for style. I'd love to see more of what she wears…. *hint hint ;)


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