Saturday, 7 February 2015

Manrepeller vibes...

Sheepskin lined Birkenstocks, or Furkenstocks, £59.99, Asos

So, much like their plain predecessors, they are a Love/Hate kind of thing (see my first post on my Arizona Birkenstocks here). But I love them and as soon as I saw them IN THE SALE I had to get them. Available now in most sizes £59.99 at Asos. You're welcome.

They're going to be my favourite travelling sandals, and I'm wearing them round the house now with cashmere socks (just to wear them in - or maybe because they're just super comfy). The perfect slippers to take away to a girly hen weekend.

And if you are tempted by furry flats, I've also been looking twice at these in Topshop:

Faux fur flats, £52, Topshop


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