Monday, 16 March 2015

Outfit post: Denim and leather

Hat: Topshop. Jacket: Jigsaw. Cashmere poloneck: Boden. Bag: Debenhams. Jeans: MiH (but different wash here). Trainers: Senso
That's the thing about South London: you have to take a photo opp when it comes round. I don't live in an area of fancy coloumned houses or cool graffiti painted walls - but that's it's charm. I ended up with a sickbug this weekend so my weekly planned posts have been put on the backburner - and this impromptu photo shoot will have to do for today. 

I'm trying to shed my heavy coats for more lighter, spring-like jackets - I'm finally getting used to my leather biker. Even though the weather has chilled down again, it was lovely walking around not being so wrapped up. 

Watch: £135, Shore Projects
Unfortunately, I ended up in bed all day Sunday so didn't get to spend Mother's Day with my mum, but will make it up to her. Hope you all had lovely weekends!


  1. How horrible for you. You look great and I too am looking forward to wearing my leather jacket (same as your's, thanks for the heads up and inspiration.) I feel the cold like a fur-less cat so I am still wrapped up. I find it incredibly hard to let go of my thermals, socks and winter coats. x


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