Saturday, 14 March 2015

Postcards from Brussels

Coat: Asos. Jumper: Gant Rugger. Dungarees. H&M (buy similar here). Trainers: Adidas
It has been a good few years since I've been to the city of United Nations, chocolates and waffles - and it was a welcomed return visit. I had glorious weather for the weekend and loved meandering the cobbled streets, hidden alleyways and being amazed at the architecture.

I bought Eurostar tickets for £69 return and stayed in the same Hotel as friends I was visiting - The Hotel - it was located on the Rodeo Drive of Brussels, 15 minute walk from The Grand Place but the most comfortable bed and room I've slept in for years. My husband was supposed to join me but had to work last minute - but I must admit, I kind of enjoyed the solitude!

One of the oldest waffle houses - Maison Dandoy - I love the packaging!

Museum of Old Masters
One of my favourite painters, Breughel
Pit-stop in Cafe Du Sablon
The Hotel, Brussels


  1. Funny coincidence I just posted today about my upcoming visit to Brussles...

  2. Looks a wonderful place! I will definitely make a note of the hotel and places to visit. The architecture and streets look very similar to Geneva.


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