Sunday, 3 May 2015

Affordable interiors: Rugs

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After 4 long years, we're finally at the stage of replacing the old carpets from our flat and restoring the wood floors. There's something about a rug that really transforms a room, and now I'm really regretting not picking up one in Marrakech (although realistically - how would I have brought it back home with my Easyjet luggage allowance?!).

Image from Pinterest
My dream rug is from current favourite homewares store, West Elm - the Berber or Benni style rugs are to die for. But I really can't spend much more than £200, so thought I'd put together a little collage of the best rugs out there for under £200:

1. 'Kasbah' wool rug, from £169, West Elm

2. 'Euphrates' rug, 152cm x 213cm, £75, Urban Outfitters

3. 'Kelim' rug, 140cm x 200cm, £99, Holly's House

4. 'Origins' rug, from £133, Debenhams

5. Diamond print rug, £149, Bloomingville at Amara

6. 'Alvine Ruta' rug, £150, Ikea

7. Chenille bordered rug (they had a really similar one in my room
in Soho House, Istanbul, recently), from £60, Next

8. 'Belle' rug, from £150, Plantation Rug Company and Rockett St George

9. 'Aztec' wool rug, from £150, Rockett St George

I'm also quite partial to a sheepskin rug, throw. I'm looking forward to creating a cosy area in the loft, where I can curl up with a good book...

Rug, £159, Wanderlustwares

Sheepskin throw, £55, Rockett St George


  1. Urban Outfitters have really upped their game when it comes to interiors! Great picks. My friend totally bought a pouf back from Morocoo, it was her one intention of going, hah!

    1. I am loving UO lately - and might need to go back to marrakech just to buy a rug - the flight will work out with the saving, right?!

  2. Lisa@edit58.com4 May 2015 at 10:37

    Hi Alex,

    Agree that a rug can totally transform a living space. In July is launching and will stock a range of vintage rugs from Morocco along with blankets, throws, cushion and baskets - All at really reasonable prices. Hopefully you'll love our stuff. In advance of our launch we'd love it if you followed along on our journey on Instagram (@edit.58). Hope your new loft space is coming together too. Look forward to seeing you at your Fenwicks event. Kind regards, Lisa x

    1. Following! What a gorgeous idea - love everything. And I stayed at El Fenn the first time I went to Marakech on a shoot with Red, totally amazing. Look forward to seeing you on the 14th! xx

    2. Lisa@edit58.com4 May 2015 at 10:51

      Thank you Alex! Yes, El Fenn is so gorgeous. Loved your pics from your recent trip to Marrakech too. Such a special place. See you on the 14th - really looking forward to it x

  3. Hi Alex we actually brought back 6 rugs from Morocco one year care of Easyjet luggage allowance! It actually works out cheaper than posting back. The things you do!

    1. Sadly I was away with work, so wouldn't have got away with bringing back 6 rugs ;( :( how I wish I had, now! x


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