Tuesday, 26 May 2015

What's all the buzz about? Reformation...

Instagram/CamillaMackintosh - wearing a Reformation dress
Whilst shooting for Red magazine in New York back in October, the model Caroline Winberg told me "you MUST check out Reformation, you'll love it". Oh how I wish I'd heeded this advice. Instead, I bought a single slice of pizza and took it back to my Hotel room and slept off my jetlag. 

Now I am pining over everything from this New York store and can't believe I missed my opportunity for a rummage and a huge try on - the bad news? The conversion rate. The good news? It ships worldwide with free shipping. And it's cheaper (and in my opinion cooler) than J Crew.

Instagram/PinSykes - wearing Reformation shorts
Due to some killer social media, a lot of the styles are sold out but they update regularly. If you're looking for a wow, love me forever holiday dress, which no one else will be wearing (unless, of course, your holiday is New York), then you M.U.S.T check it out.

'Nashville' dress: $168

'Nessy' skirt: $178
'Riley' dress: $198
'Pike' pant: $178
'Portofino' dress: $158
'Mariana' dress: $198


  1. I've been hearing a lot about this brand lately! A bit out of my price range but for a special 'treat' purchase it seems reasonable...and I have a birthday coming up!!! I don't suppose you know what the cut/sizing is like? I'm alway wary of buying internationally online and then having the hassle and expense of returning items when I've misjudged the size...

    1. I know what you mean....seems a risk. I just bought a dress from Cecilie Copenhagen (another obsession) - thank god I risked getting a size too small as they are roomy! Not tried Reformation sadly but will ask around x

    2. My friend bought 2 dresses and said they were a great fit and really true to size....but she did say she had to pay Customs charges ;( sometimes you can be lucky with those (I have never had to do it yet) but something to think about - maybe ask a friend if they are going!

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  3. I am totally obsessed with Reformation. From the cool girl vibes and their ethical messages, to all their branding and marketing, it is utter love. I'm saving up my pennies for a few dream pieces from them but every time I scroll through the site, I think i could wear just Reformation, forever!
    Chambray & Curls

    1. Me too - but it's so hard to choose which one to invest in! x

  4. FrugalFashionista29 May 2015 at 17:19

    I bought two items from them last year, pajama pants and a dress, can recommed!


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