Friday, 5 June 2015

Shop the Astley Clarke sale (before anyone else)

Jacket: J Crew (buy similar here). Top: £12 in the sale, New Look. Skirt: £24.99, H&M. Bag: £350, Sophie Hulme. Sandals: £110, Ancient Greek Sandals. All jewellery: Astley Clarke Secret Sale. Photograph: Christopher O'Donnell
The key to a good wardrobe is high to low dressing. You can wear High Street all day long (and I do), but there's something about a good, investment piece now and then that really sets off everything. For me, it's shoes, bags and jewellery.  A gorgeous piece of jewellery makes you feel more luxe, and I actually haven't taken off my Astley Clarke rose-gold 'love' bracelet in the last few months. I also bought Astley Clarke gifts for my Bridesmaids at my wedding - good quality jewellery (and let's not mention the gorgeous packaging). 

Astley Clarke rose gold bracelet
So when Astley Clarke told me about a mega sale they had coming up, I knew I had to get involved. With up to 50% off products, it's the perfect time to treat yourself to some of their iconic pieces (there are diamonds in the sale, too!). The sale doesn't actually start until next week so as a special treat, you can shop the sale before anyone else via this secret link.

Stacking bracelets, reduced from £55, Astley Clarke.
Rose-gold and diamond bracelet, reduced from £495 to £275, Astley Clarke

When it comes to holidays, I suddenly turn into this boho girl - my minimalist jewellery approach turns into friendship bracelets, boho pom poms and bracelets stacked as high as the eye can see. There's just something about a good stack that makes an outfit work, and I've been told I'm a good stacker. The key is to keep it tonal, whether you're going for bold brights or gold and neutrals, if you keep it between 2-3 colours that blend together it will look purposeful, yet nonchalant (which is what we all aspire to, right?).

Gold-plated and woven bracelet, reduced from £110 to £55, Astley Clarke
Blue goldstone, 18kt gold-plated and diamond bracelet, reduced to £125, Astley Clarke
Gold-plated and woven bracelet, reduced from £110 to £55, Astley Clarke
18kt yellow gold and woven earrings, black is sold out but available in red
Earrings, reduced from £135 to £67.50, Astley Clarke
Happy Shopping and tweet me @thefrugality with your buys - I love to hear from you.


  1. Very nice pieces!! Pretty!

  2. Ooh I love the multicoloured threaded bracelets, lovely! Thanks for the heads up x

    1. Me too - they just look so effortless! x

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