Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Day Trip: Lavender Fields

Shirt: £14.99, H&M. Denim shorts: £7 in the sale, New Look. Sandals: Next (sold out). Bag: Primark
It's that typical thing, isn't it? You live down the road from a place of astounding beauty, but you wait until you no longer live there and on your way to somewhere else to finally visit.

These Mayfield lavender fields are 10 minutes from my parents' house in Surrey - and July being the peak season, I finally got my schedule in gear to visit at the right time of year. 

Busy? Yes. But they're huge so you can lose people quite easily.

Free? No, you have to pay £1 per person.

Bees? Loads.

Lavender holds special memories for me - it was both my Bridesmaids' bouquets and the confetti at our wedding.

Lavender planted by my dad for our wedding, 2 years ago
Wedding photos: Ed Peers
Lavender letters, £95, Polly Fields. Bouquets by Mad Lilies, Banstead

Shirt: £14.99, H&M. Denim shorts: £7 in the sale, New Look. Sandals: Next (sold out). Bag: Primark 
Sandals: Next (sold out). Bag: Primark. Sunglasses: £189, Celine at Sunglasses Shop.

Bracelets: Astley Clarke and Z for Accessorize

Mayfields Lavender isn't the only one around - Hitchin has a famous one too. You can't 'pick your own' at these too but you can at Letchworth for only £4 adult entry. I didn't risk it for my wedding though as lavender dates can be hit or miss, it actually bloomed a little late the year of our wedding - luckily I bought confetti from Amazon as a backup - it's a really affordable version of confetti - and smells divine!


  1. There is a humbling feeling you receive as you go to venues like this. A sweeping era of romance was born here, and it's clear why. One of the most beautifulreception halls in Atlanta I have visited and I have been nearly everywhere imaginable!

  2. Bliss! We've always had lavender growing in my family garden and it is such a strong childhood memory, harvesting the lavender and drying it out to use in bundles each year. Those bushes have made many a wedding favour over the years! We used the previous summer's buds for confetti at our wedding too. Nothing like picking lavender out of your undies after a day full of celebration!
    These photos look like you should be in Provence, not Surrey! Gorgeous
    Chambray & Curls

    1. Thank you - yes the smell of lavender is just blissful, isn't it? Lucky you to have so much in our garden! xx


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