Friday, 31 July 2015

Different Ways To Holiday (you probably haven't thought about)

Flat in Barcelona, sleeps 2 adults and 3 children - from €200 a night, Kid & Coe
Over the last 15 years or so, the way we travel has really changed. With the rise of Tripadvisor, Boutique Hotels and bespoke itineraries, we rarely settle for bog standard anymore. 

By booking separate stages of your trip, you can make a lot of savings (we usually book Hotels and flights separately to stagger our payments), and there are so many websites that offer something different for often less money, it's the perfect time to try something new.

I thought I'd mention a few sites that some friends have been recommending and using (and I'm actually yet to try - watch this space!).

Nothing new here (in fact Marisa Bate wrote a piece for my blog 3 years ago about this fab site), but the rise of people using this site has surprised even myself (and I recommended it!). The great thing about it is that there is something for almost every budget. I even know a few friends who rent out their flat in Brighton through Air BNB for a bit of extra cash when they go away. Also great for weekends away when there is a big group of you - you always get the best deals that way. And it's not just abroad, try it for a UK weekend minibreak - this flat is in Manchester is great value...

Stay like a local, but with all the luxury and amenities of a Hotel/concierge. This is definitely the luxury version of bespoke stays, but for the same prices as some 5 star hotels, here you get something really different, living in THE most stylish homes whilst experiencing a city like a local. You're welcomed in person, with a 'concierge' on hand 24/7 and given a free mobile on which to make fee local calls. They also cater for different travelling styles -family, work, vacation etc...Sign up to the newsletter to currently get £20 off your first booking.

At the moment it's only in London, Paris, LA and New York but they're pretty much the best places anyway, right?!
This Paris apartment is on the 27th floor right by The Eiffel Tower, for under £200 a night.

Quai de Grenelle III, One Fine Stay

I really want to try this. Not for the introvert, you stay in local places, like locals, WITH locals. The places are vetted to give you the best hosts and the review system helps guide your decisions. The places on offer look once in a lifetime, and not only do a lot of places prepare home cooked food, they can recommend places to visit, eat etc - a truly personal experience. This place in bali has had rave reviews, the bedrooms overlook a TEMPLE and it's prices are from £8 a night (including breakfast!)...Oh and a pool.

Homestay - Kediri Tabanan

I had never heard of this until a friend came over from Sydney recently and was staying with her husband and two children in an amazing flat in Marylebone. She explained how hard it was to stay in Hotels with young kids, and you don't always want to share a room -  but that this website is geared up for families, so all the places available are child friendly (and super chic).

The Ballenstedter Residence

Each location has a description of the toys available, and the age that they're suitable for etc. It's also great for interiors inspiration in general - I'm hoping to move into this one from Amsterdam...

The Carolina Residence *these prices don't include Kid & Coe's fees or cleaning fees


  1. Wow! I've never thought about travelling this way! Who knew it could actually be this cheap! The bail place looks incredible! I can't believe its only £8 a night! All you basically have to pay for is the flight! Totally doing this on my next holiday! Thank you!

    1. I know - and the family you stay with in Bali look sooooo nice! x


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