Thursday, 23 July 2015

Ibiza: What To Pack

I'm attempting to do Ibiza on a budget. It's doing ridiculous tasks like this that makes life interesting, isn't it?! 

Going somewhere like Ibiza where cocktails cost at least €15 each, something's got to give. So whilst all our Euros will be spent on car hire, food, drink and taxis across the White Isle, it's good to know that the same doesn't have to be said of my holiday wardrobe.

Since stepping into Primark for the first time in years back in February (mainly because my American friend wanted to pick up some baby clothes), I have been popping in more and more frequently. I found the fab jumpsuit for Marrakech and have been wearing their bandeau strapless bras (£2.50) religiously this summer.

All clothing Primark.
So as part of Primark's #SaveItForThePlaneticket campaign, I was asked to curate a holiday wardrobe from Primark all for under £100 (with change left over).

All clothing: Primark (and instore now)
1. 'NW' by Zadie Smith - I still haven't read it yet! Hoping to get lost in it this holiday.

2. Knitted halterneck, £5

3. Bandeau bikini top, £2

4. Enamel sunglasses, £4

5. Jacquard clutch, £8

6. Gem leather sandals, £5

7. Denim shorts, £10

So down to the packing, I've pretty much got it down pat. I'm definitely a 'lay all my clothes out on the bed/sofa' kind of girl. This way you can see everything and add the amount of outfits vs nights/days you have. I only really take one 'just in case' extra outfit - and it'll be something easy like a cotton dress.

As for shoes, I really don't take many at all, and definitely no heels. One pair of gladiators/jewelled sandals for the evening and a pair of sliders for the day and you're done, really. And if you're hand luggage only then these are the heaviest items (and first to go!).

Sandals: £5. Cushion: £7, all product Primark

Cotton shorts: £5. Bikini bag: £2. Brown snakeprint bag: £8. Brown sunglasses: £2, all Primark.

Always pack nice pjs, as they will make you feel special when you wake up (even with a hangover!).

Neon trim cotton pyjamas: £4 for top and £5 for bottoms
And for the airport? Take a jumper to keep warm on the plane - but keep your outfit summery, so you feel straight into the summer vibe for the plane.

Jumper: £14, Primark

See my Pinterest board on packing for Ibiza with Primark here.

This post is in collaboration with Primark (but it doesn't mean I'm not going to take these with me on my holiday).


  1. Love the items you've picked - just goes to show you can pack easily on a budget! The pj's are lovely. Jane x

    1. Wearing the PJs in Ibiza now! I was so impressed, you have to rummage but there are some great bits x

  2. Love the sandals - and the PJs - and the bikini bag - and everything! Totally going to Primark on my lunchbreak today! Have a fab time in Ibiza! :) xx

  3. I'll visit Ibiza in september! Love your items!

  4. Love this post, Primark are getting more and more impressive. I find it best to go early, I also used to try and go on a Wednesday as that is when it used to get the bulk of new stock in ( i.e. smaller sizes). Not sure if that's true anymore mind!

    Love that jumper. Have a great trip. x

    1. THAT is a great tip! I used to work next to the Marble Arch store - I started at 9:30am so would go in at 9am to shop in peace (or get to the refund tills before the queues start!) x

  5. I actually really love Primark. They do so many on trend pieces for such an affordable price. Love that jumper x

    1. I've always loved Primark but shyed away in recent years - I felt like there was a period where everyone knew it was Primark...but now there is so much stock, people would hardly know!


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