Saturday, 4 July 2015

The best Instagram accounts to follow

Instagram, for me, is undoubtedly my favourite place to hang out. I can sit scrolling for hours through pictures of perfect peonies, sunglasses placed 'just so' on an instagram-ready surface in the coolest Parisien cafe (much to the annoyance of my husband). But occasionally this is a good thing - I get so much inspiration for my blog, fashion news updates, travel ideas and styling tips here, And although favourite 'feeds' is something that is highly subjective,  I thought I'd share a few of my favourite people to follow (and for those of you who might think this is a 'lazy' post, trust me, it took me hours to compile this - I kept getting sucked into feeds of beautiful photos!).

1. Cup Of Couple

If there were someone instagram was invented for, it would be these guys. Every photo is immaculately styled, and they travel the world seeking the best coloured walls, coffee shops and cool places - I often can be seen writing down the cafes they recommend in Paris, Lisbon and Madrid.

2. Always Judging

Super cool LA based music lover, Courtney, always gets it right - in those kind of 'off-coloured shouldn't be right outfits'. And her flatlays are always on point.

3. Mija Mija

I mean, the dream. Beautiful, wanderlust photos from around the world. It helps that's she's drop dead gorgeous and looks great in just about anything.

4. Adenorah

As I know only too well, it's fun being a Fashion Editor - travelling the world pretty much always in denim, she finds the best pieces on Asos and certainly knows how to do a cool breton.

5. Belle and Bunty

I've known of Belle and Bunty for years, they're designers selling a great array of vintage style dresses and their Bridal range is fab. But their instagram is an even bigger hit with me. I love their colourful feed and those Soludos espadrilles?! Just bought myself a pair...

6. A Girl, A Style

I've followed Briony and her blog for a while, long before I started mine - her beautiful, sunny, rose-filled pictures are always gorgeous and considered. And now we're friends and going to Port Eliot Festival together this summer - which makes looking at her lovely photos even sweeter.

7. Oracle Fox Blog

To me, Amanda Shadforth, owns this minimal blogger style. Every photo is stylised, effortless and stunning.

8. Lucy Williams 02

Lucy of my favourite fashion blog, Fashion Me Now, has impeccable style, the best legs on Instagram and a wardrobe of amazing basics that always leaves you thinking 'why didn't I put that with that?'. She also travels to THE best places, so start taking notes, pronto.

9. Somewhere I Would Like To Live

An instagram feed dedicated purely of wanderlust and house envy - who'd've thought it would work? It runs along the same ethos as I Have This Thing With Floors - if you like cool decor, intriguing houses and lovely locations - this is your jam.

Hope this has been helpful in some way. Who are your favourite accounts?

Oh, and you can follow me on instagram here ;)


  1. I do love instagram! thanks for the suggestions
    Ruth x

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