Thursday, 20 August 2015

5 items from S/S that will work for A/W

Top from S/S: Zara. A/W update: MiH Jeans skirt. Sandals: Swedish Hasbeeens
I've been thinking about the A/W trends in a way I can relate to...and what I really want to know is what I can keep hold of from last season. What pieces have the longevity? So here I've made a short list of some key pieces that will work for the new season.


Modern boho is here to stay. Wear with a heavier fabric A-Line skirt for A/W or wear it under a shearling gilet and skinny jeans.

Haven't bought a peasant top, yet? This one from H&M is pretty perfect.
Top: £29.99, H&M (not many sizes left online but they have loads instore)


Chloe A/W (
I've been dabbling in this trend but will probably go for this for the new season as it is HUGE. Wear your silk scarf done up bandana style with your casual shirt and jeans a la Lucy Williams.

Lucy from Fashion Me Now

Yep, it will take you through to Winter. Just add a chunky knit and some 80 denier opaques (or if you're feeling flush, John Lewis does THE best cashmere mix versions).

 Jumper: H&M (instore now). Leather skirt: £55, Asos.


Luckily for me, this was something I bought last A/W - it has worked for weddings but I'm desperate to see how it can work into A/W after seeing the Valentino show.

Valentino A/W (
My maxi dress from Mango (bought in the sale!)
Try with a faux fur jacket or gilet, or with a chunky jumper over the top.

Valentino A/W (style,com)
My eyes are on this new season 'Galaxy' dress from Atterley (but there is already a waiting list for it!):

Dress, £115 (out late August), Atterley


Bag, boots, clothing - keep hold of anything suede you got your hands on this summer. Congrats to those that bought the suede New Look mini.

Suede skirt (still in stock): £39.99, New Look
To bring it into the new season, try with a 70s boot, I am loving these Mango ones.
Mango - coming soon
There is also an amazing Camel suede car coat coming into New Look soon (seen in Stylist this week) that I need to get my hands on!

So, in a nutshell - that's my A/W thoughts so far. But I will be back when the weather gets a bit heavier and the shows rear their ugly head come September.


  1. Hey Alex, love this post! Are there any brands / online stores you'd recommend buying good quality cashmere or wool jumpers from now? I notice some websites are selling last A/W's stock in the sale and if they're classic it seems like a good time to buy! Thanks, Charlie.

    1. Hi Charlie, so sorry - I read this and thought ' great idea for a post', wrote that down but then forgot to reply! I love brands like Beaumont Organic, Chinti and Parker and Madeleine Thomspon for good quality cashmere. And then High Street, M&S, Uniqlo or gap x

    2. Thank you! I would love to see that post and thanks for those suggestions, I will check them out x

  2. Love this, it is so good when you can carry items across seasons, my purse thanks you! Love the green H&M jumper, gorgeous colour and those Mango boots..stunning! xx

    1. I feel like A/W is kind of an extension of S/S...only warmer. I may be wrong!

  3. Love this post! Always a fan of reworking pieces you already own and these are such perfect picks! All the more so as I somehow have gathered all of them over the last few months!
    Chambray & Curls

    1. Here to help :) I always try and work old things into the new season as I just don't have the energy to buy a whole new wardrobe each time!


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