Friday, 28 August 2015

Frugal Interiors: Bloomingville

Marble table, £209, Bloomingville at Amara

I've been procrastinating all week over doing a Trends post for today, it just hasn't happened. And then an exciting email came through my Inbox, informing me that Bloomingville, one of my favourite Scandi interiors brands, has landed at my other fave online interiors store, Amara. Hurrah! My blog today is done. Love it when that happens.

Ever since I posted a picture of one of Bloomingville's marble tables earlier this year, I've been trying to track down a decent stockist (for both myself and readers) for months. My friend bought hers from an Achica sale that promptly sold out and I had begun to lose hope. There were a few sprinklings across small boutiques but not enough, frankly.

It's definitely not cheap cheap. But I've also come to the conclusion that nothing good, furniture wise, really is. And I'm at a general feeling that under £300 for decent, quality furniture that is a little bit different is worth the money. And also means that your friends won't come round and say 'I've got that' as most do when they see our Ikea home.

1. Rattan chair, £289, Bloomingville

2. Marble and gold jewellery stand, £47, Bloomingville

3. Coffee table, £145, Bloomingville

4. Set of 2 votives, £30, Bloomingville

5. Kitchen roll holder, £53, Bloomingville

6. Grey marble chopping board, £31, Bloomingville

7. Brushed gold table, £175, Bloomingville

For chic, quality furniture, I believe it's worth spending a bit more, after all, you'll be living with it for a long time. But for the little extras? The High Street has got you covered.

Wire basket, £12.99, H&M Home
Copper hanging mirror, £35, Oliver Bonas

Marble and wood serving board, £25, Habitat

And my absolute 'must' interiors shop at the moment? The Little House Shop - the most affordable carnival letters out there (and I think it's fate that the selling shot is mine and my husband's initials):

Carnival lights, £58 each, The Little House Shop
And my sister just bought one of their DIY Lightboxes for my nephew's room:
DIY Lightboxes, £30, The Little House Shop. Photo from @The_Rocco_  (yes, my nephew pretty much has a dedicated instagram account!)


  1. Live the marble & gold... just the look I'm going for. Out there interiors have some great items too.

    1. Oh thanks, will check it out! Out & Out Original is also a new favourite of mine x


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