Saturday, 8 August 2015

Indigo is the new black/'s everything

Image via Pinterest
I have always said my love of grey is boundless. But maybe I was wrong. 

Navy is my favourite colour. And ever since my DIY Shibori class last year, I've been in a deep blue (indigo, to be exact) state of mind. And the fact that true indigo dying is a real art form means I hold it in even higher regard. And I mean, look how chic that bed linen looks?

Image via Pinterest 

Instagram: Adenorah
I'm not the only obsessing over blue at the moment. One of my favourite Instagrammers, Kelly Harrington (designer at H&M), only uploads blue and white pictures. Follow her @kellouhar for major inspiration pics:

Cushion: £26, Rockett St George
Dark denim culottes, £38, River Island
Bath mat: £15, John Lewis
Cushion: £75, House of Hackney
Rug: Amara
Crockery: available at Rockett St George
So for our next interiors project, we're going to attempt to finally pull up our carpets and paint the wood floor (if we can salvage it) a dark navy/grey - something like Farrow & Ball's 'Railings' let's hope my love for navy remains boundless.


  1. Great post!!

  2. Ooh love indigo. Now need some new bed linen!!

    1. If you find some good indigo bed linen, let me know!

  3. Ooh love indigo. Now need some new bed linen!!

  4. I like the living room with it.


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