Sunday, 30 August 2015

Road-testing denim (literally)

Leather jacket: £295, JigsawDenim frayed hem top: £17.99, New Look. Denim A-Line skirt: £19.99, New Look. Flats: Jimmy Choo (sold out but buy very similar from Boden here). 'Bixby' bicycle: Shinola
Last week, we managed to time this shoot with the one single day of sunshine. Although the temperature is chilling down, it's still warm enough for A-Line skirts and no tights, thankfully.

Denim frayed hem top: £17.99, New Look. Denim A-Line skirt: £19.99, New Look'Bixby' bicycle: Shinola
When New Look asked me to 'Road-test' their new denim range, I knew I wanted to show something a little different to the classic skinny ripped jeans (which obviously they sell here, as well). I've been wearing a lot more denim pieces outside of the classic jean realm - A-Line skirts, culottes, thought I'd show you the new denim range with a slightly different angle. 


I'm not sure I'll ever get bored of dungarees - one piece that instantly makes you feel cool and pulled together. Wear with a pair of kick-ass heels to feel a bit more grown-up (I often wear with trainers which I love, but never feel 'polished').

Top: New Look (old). Denim dungarees: £26.99, New Look. Sandals: Jimmy Choo (old)


I already have a lot of New Look pieces in my wardrobe (from mainly recent trips to be honest - it's so good at the minute!), so mixed this frayed denim tee with my own skirt (frayed denim has been around for a while now but it's an ongoing thing). I love how frayed doesn't necessarily mean grungey, now. 

And double denim? Who cares - denim is having such a moment I don't think I'd even look out of place with a denim jacket thrown over my shoulders, as well (but I stuck to leather, for my sanity). I think the fact that they're different grains of denim actually works better so the look isn't too matchy matchy.

Now, I don't know what possessed me to borrow a bike for this post, maybe it was because it was so pretty...who am I kidding, that was the exact reason. Short skirt and a bike? A recipe for disaster, really. But we had fun riding round the park anyway, it has been a while since I have ridden a bike around the city and it is such a nice way to see things. I always hire a bike in Amsterdam and Berlin - but never in my own city, perhaps because I'm always in a rush and the tube seems the more sane option with our traffic congestion. Sadly, I had to take the bike back before the store closed - so until next time!

'Bixby' bicycle: Shinola. Leather bag: £75, The Cambridge Satchel Company

Denim frayed hem top: £17.99, New Look. Denim A-Line skirt: £19.99, New Look. Flats: Jimmy Choo (sold out but buy very similar from Boden here). 'Bixby' bicycle: ShinolaAll photos by Christopher O'Donnell using the Olympus Pen E-PL7
This post was made in collaboration with New Look (which means I sadly had to send the top, dungarees and bicycle back!).


  1. Your dungarees are so cute!! Lovely denim looks…

  2. I hope this doesn't sound silly but I am really glad you said although the post was a collaboration you would be sending some of the items back! I'm an avid blog reader and I have been following yours for a long time :) and sometimes it's tough to see so many bloggers wearing new clothes all the time! Loving clothes and fashion is such an expensive habit after all!! Frankie

    1. Hi Frankie, I know what you mean - and I like to disclaim sometimes - as I also sometimes get criticism for buying too many clothes...but for me, as well, new clothes means new content - so sometimes it's a price worth's always a fine line and I try to be conscious of others people's budgets and not 'flaunt' free things etc - most of the items I wear I have genuinely bought xx

  3. ALEX the BIKE!!!!! Oh that bike is HEAVEN!!!!!! I've just googled them and nearly had a heart attack! But seriously might start saving. I bought a Pashley in a sort of dirty mint-green about four years ago and i thought i'd never find another bike i'd love as much! Damn you for tempting me!

    Ps, loving the different and refreshing take on the double denim. I *almost* picked up this skirt the other day but couldn't decide if i preferred the Topshop version. Saying that the Topshop one came up a little shorter and this is a nicer length. Hmmmm!

    1. I know....alas - it was only used as a prop - but it made me so sad giving it back! Would love a bicycle but with a top floor flat it would just get ruined day!

  4. Alex, looks like you had fun, photos and clothing all lovely and very you too.

    1. Thank you! Yes it is totally denim all year round! xx


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