Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The summer playsuit

Playsuit: Monsoon, Hat: H&M 
I'm not usually one to 'dress' for the beach - kaftans and cover-ups just aren't really my thing. But in Ibiza, everything is different - layered up jewellery, fringed kimonos - I did it all. Even a sheer and backless white playsuit - it just felt right.

I suppose it's that 'Peacocking' theory - living in the UK, I could never get away with an outfit such like this, so we tend to go 'all out' on holiday. That probably explains why most of my holiday outfits involve off the shoulder tops...

Sandals: Sollilas

With the flawless Ibiza backdrop, a white playsuit just felt natural and complimented the turquoise waters perfectly. This playsuit has since sold out due to high summer demand but Monsoon is really kicking ass right now - and their peasanty, hippy vibes fit seamlessly into the ibiza vibes. I loved this folk top too..

Top: £69, Monsoon
This post was in collaboration with Monsoon: with its heart in Ibiza, I thought where better to wear the collection?!


  1. Looks great! Inspiration before for my annual holiday packing nightmare commences :-)

    1. Pack only black and white (if you can!), then everything will match!

  2. I love Monsoon and I love Ibiza! Enjoy x


  3. Very pretty and I love the playsuit with the open back. Perfect for Ibiza summers

    1. I wish i could wear backless jumpsuits now I'm back in London ;(


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