Saturday, 15 August 2015

Winter is coming...

Satin bow flats: £69, Boden. 'How To Be Parisian': £12.99, Rakuten.  Micro Exfoliating Balm: Oskia Skincare (this balm is amazing, by the way)
Can you tell I'm watching 'Game of Thrones' as I type...?! This is just a quick post to say 'watch this space'....because winter IS coming (just look outside!) and the A/W product is starting to filter through into stores and online.

But I haven't really got myself in gear...I've been too busy buying off the shoulder dresses to notice the new trends appearing in the shops. 

I have been asked by a few people for an A/W trend round-up, which will be coming (in perhaps a different format) shortly. But for now, you'll have to embrace my new autumn find - these Boden satin flats. Chic, navy and practical - get them before they go...

Boden flats


  1. I'm dying to read that book, the cover is really appealing!

    x Vanessa

  2. oh my gosh they're beautiful! x

  3. I've just ordered that book! I'm reading 'Women in Clothes' at the moment, which is so good - highly recommended!


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