Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Grasping onto the last of summer...

Top: £55, Atterley. Shorts: And Other Stories (sold out). Diamond necklace: £150, Laura Lee jewellery
That's it, folks. Summer has gone for another year - I will no longer be serving you kaftans and off the shoulder tops as style advice but will swaying towards heavy duty knitwear, cashmere and coats. 

But let's grasp onto one last summer hit, before we leave backlit beer gardens and easy-packing capsule wardrobes for another six months. I have booked to go back to Nerja for a week in October (I'll have been on a big week long styling job and then Paris Fashion Week so will need the break) and bought 2 items. Just 2...because we never know what the weather may bring and also, believe it or not, I'm on a bit of a spending curfew.

Exhibit A - never let the fact that you already have too many kaftans stand in the way of having the perfect one in your life. I love the blues, the stripes, the embroidery. It's the one.

Top: £55, Atterley. Diamond necklace: £150, Laura Lee jewellery
Exhibit 2 - the dream dress. Holidays are made for 'peacocking', and i had to have one new thing for my trip. It reminds me of the brand I'm currently obsessed with - 'The Jet Set Diaries', and makes me a teensy bit happier when I look in my wardrobe, as opposed to currently looking outside my window into the bleak, grey skies. 

Dress: £65, Topshop

So that's a wrap now, no more S/S buys until next year. So long, summer.


  1. How lovely to have a week in the sun to look forward to! Love both the top and dress. Sue xx

    1. Thank you....! I deserve it, right?! Haha...

  2. very cool...dress for holiday!!

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