Friday, 9 October 2015

*Must Buy* Next cashmere mix scarf

Cashmere mix scarf: £40, Next
Not meaning to be too much of a bore, but I've been searching for a really good scarf for a while...

It would need to be classic, stand the test of time and keep me warm. And preferably grey.

I thought I'd found one in Cos - 100% cashmere and £59...I was willing to spend the money, as well, but something was not quite right. But I borrowed one from a model whilst in Lisbon and it had the perfect mix of softness, sturdiness (yes this is a thing) and I loved the tassels - it felt like an old college scarf. It was Acne.

Le sigh.

And then I found this online - 40% cashmere, 60% lambswool. It's the PERFECT marly grey...and I love it. £40, it's not the cheapest scarf on the block - but sure cheaper than Acne...


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