Monday, 12 October 2015

The Boot Edit

Imaginatively titled.
Scarf: £40, Next. Jumper: £34.95, Gap. Leather skirt: £160, Hush. Over the knee boots, £50, Asos. Fringed bag: £32, Next
I'm a martyr, me. I actually bought these boots simply to road test them for you, dear reader. I kept seeing over the knee boots everywhere and wondered if you could do it on the High Street. There was no way I was going to spend more than £100 on such a tricky trend. And I saw these for £ thought - it's an investment I need to make for the blog! 

PRO: They keep my legs very warm. They're not real suede so have a lovely cushiony lining.

CON: They're not real suede.

PRO: I think they make my legs look long.

CON: I think I look a little slutty. 

But there's something that's making me think twice, maybe because they're different...I've been wearing the same style boots for a while now and perhaps it's time for a change. And they're flat (there was no way I'd be doing a heeled version - bit too Pretty Woman for me), which is always the key to toning anything down.

Not for you? Here's my High Street round-up of the best styles around, so there should be something for everyone:

The block heel: A classic style which is probably the easiest to wear. Try a snakeprint style with denim for a punchier effect. Or if you're new to the trend, Penelope Chilver's velvet 'Cubana' boots are comfy, cool and go with everything.

1. 'Orly' boots, £225, Dune London

2. Patent Chelsea boots, £75, Topshop

3. Snakeprint boots, £49.99, Mango

4. 'Cubana' boots, £269, Penelope Chilvers

5. 'Insanity' boots, £95, Office

6. Leather boots, £150, Cos

Not for the feint-hearted - I would do a flat or low heel version to get a feel for the trend.

1. Long sock boots, £45, Next

2. Suede block heel boots, £125, Office

3. Suede 'Elina' boots, £220, Sam Edelman at Net A Porter

4. 'Eden' boots, £110, Office

Your everyday boot. So it's important to get it right - a classic black will see you well for a few seasons - look for this season's hardware to bring them up to date. Make buckles a priority.

1. 'Cuthbert' bots, £225, Russell & Bromley

2. 'Anger' boots, £75, Topshop

3. 'Shed' boots, £260, Carvela Kurt Geiger

4. Buckle side boot, £64.99, New Look

5. 'Esmee' boots, £165, Seven Boot Lane

The more buckles the better, if you ask me. These Asos ones are just like the Jimmy Choo 'Marlin' which I'm obsessed with.

Leather 'Addicted To You' boots, £55, Asos


  1. You are young, pretty and have great legs and I'm sorry but I don't even like over the knee boots on you. No offence, you usually look wonderful and it's not like this is a bad look but I just think OTK boots are weird and such a try-hard trend. Each to their own of course, please don't everyone pelt me in comments!

    1. I love this! Why I did it...nice to try things and figure out what is right - I make mistakes and it's nice to have a blog community to guide each other. I do like to try a lot of trends as well so people who don't have the same style as me can get something out of the post as well...but I *might* send these back!

    2. If you like them, then they are never a mistake. :o)

  2. Hi Alex, I bought Dune's Trish over the knee boots last year and would thoroughly recommend them! They're not quite as long as the ones you're wearing in the pictures so are a good middle ground if you're not sure about the very long ones. I bought the leather version (thinking of the wet winter weather!) but they do them in suede too. On another note, how do shops decide on their shoe names, 'Insanity', 'Anger'! So funny! Sophie.

    1. I didn't see Dune'e ones...I tried Kurt Geiger's but they were so baggy....and I'm with you on the names, hilarious - but at least we remember them - better than 765903hy5 ;) xx

  3. I think you look adorable in them. Paired with the sweater, it's not slutty at all. I think even an extra inch of leg would make it more flattering (not that it's not flattering now.) xx

    1. Aaah, thank you! I'm still on the fence about them, to be honest and my husband just said "I hate them"...!

  4. I love the Addicted boots from ASOS but wish they didn't have that little bit of patent on them - I would have bagged them by now otherwise. I'm still on Ebay looking for a pair of Topshop ones from last year in my size which I missed in the sale. Gutted.

    1. You've got such an eagle eye, Sue - I didn't even notice that! Not sure on them now...! The Topshop ones this season are quite nice? x

  5. Love your look! And those Mango snakeprint boots are just a dream! Totally have to go on a hunt! :)

    With love from Russia! x

    1. Thank you! Love the snakeprint boots too, but not sure I have the guts to wear them (says the woman in the faux suede OTK boots....) x

  6. I think I fell in love with all of these boots, especially the Orly ankle booties. Your outfit is adorable, the boots look a little odd with the skirt and sweater, but it's you still seemed to wear it well!

    Daily Opulence |


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