Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Christmas comes early...

Coat: £180, Atterley (almost sold out but Gap have a good version here). Wool jumper: £80, Hush.  Jeans, £19 in the sale, Asos. Shoes: Penelope Chilvers (old). Bag: Manu Atelier (sold out). Gold-plated earrings, £18, Orelia
Sunday saw us do the first official day of Christmas Shopping. I know, it's early and a little bit crazy, but this is how I manage to actually afford to buy people what they want.

If you think about it, after this month there is only 1 more Payday before Christmas and that has to last you the whole month including the Sales and New Years...

So my trick is to buy a couple of items in October that I know I want to buy, the majority in November and then some last minutes in December. You beat the crowds, and pace yourself and your bank balance so it doesn't feel like it all comes at once.

Coat: £180, Atterley (Gap have a good version here). Wool jumper: £80, Hush.  Jeans, £19 in the sale, Asos. Shoes: Penelope Chilvers (old). Bag: Manu Atelier (sold out).
Sunday was weirdly enjoyable in town, luckily the fog cleared enough for us to take some photos and London wasn't too busy on the streets. Over morning coffee, we made a clear plan of action, and didn't deviate too much or just wander aimlessly through shops.

Let's face it, there are only a few shops that do Christmas well: Anthropologie (for gorgeous interiors and accessories), BHS for random giftpacks and alcohols sets etc, Gap for cashmere, M&S for everything, The Toy Store for our increasing number of nieces and nephews (we basically go into the shop and say 'help'!) and H&M Home for hostess gifts...

Don't get me wrong, we still have a LOT more to do but we left town feeling we were partway there.

As for my outfit, I'm loving the easy vibes of a decent, good coat. After having a major wardrobe clear out, my style seems more streamlined and a statement coat can work wonders for a plain outfit of jeans, crew-neck and flats. I have had these Penelope Chilvers flats for a few years now and love them, they are so comfortable and well worth the investment.

And as for sustenance? We've been meaning to try Franco Manca for absolutely ages, so we gave the Soho one a go (wheat and dairy is back on during these busy months). Just slightly off the main road, we couldn't believe we could get a table so easily on a weekend! Lunch for 2? £15....and one of the best sourdough pizzas I've eaten (only surpassed by Pizza Pilgrims).


  1. Can't believe you live in Tooting and haven't tried Franco Manca yet! The one in Balham is always a pitstop when I need something proper to eat to beat the Monday blues

    1. I know! I'm always in W1, so always in Pizza Pilgrims instead. but already planned my next trip back x

  2. Atterley always has a good selection. I have your same colouring and I was wondering how you could pull off a camel coat without looking like you're on your deathbed, like I do. But I see what you did, this coat is more toffee coloured....genial! Off to find me a not-so-camel camel coat...

    1. Yes - it's toffee - well spotted. My husband says it's the kind of colour coat people wore in World War I....which I'm sure is a compliment?!

  3. I bought a really similar long camel coat last year in a charity shop for £1 it was crazy but it is my go-to coat nearly every day! AND i also share your need for starting the christmas present shopping early or December is just SO expensive! I don't even buy for that many people, it's probably all the things I buy for myself! Frankie from

    1. Wow - well done!
      I don't buy that many presents either but if you want to buy decent presents it all adds up, I suppose. Luckily my nephew is still too young to be (too) materialistic yet!


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