Monday, 2 November 2015

Digital Detox: Champneys

A few weekends ago, I did something I haven't done in years - booked some 'me' time. Working for yourself rarely allows for time off, I even manage to squeeze it in whilst on holiday (and no, the irony isn't lost on me that I've even blogged my 'spa' experience but content is content!). 

Yes, I needed some relaxation but I also needed a friend catch up. A group of us had a catch up in the diary for about 6 months...and when someone suggested Champneys we all knew we needed it. 

I haven't been to Champneys since organising my first hen weekend in 2007. A lot has changed. The food: healthier. The treatments: more modern (they have Decleor treatments and a new Detox centre, plus even offer 2 night mind and body cleanses with celeb health expert Chris James).

It's not cheap, it cost roughly £129 for the day (as we went on a weekend), which includes all facilities such as pool, sauna, jacuzzi, access to over 20 classes, light breakfast and lunch - but it's one of the most affordable Day Spas around (have you seen how much Soho Farm House is?!) - and a catch up with long time friends you never have the time to see one on one anymore? 100% worth it. 

We giggled our way round the entire day - in the jacuzzi, steam room and reading books on the loungers. We revelled in the opportunity to wear robes and slippers all day with no one judging us, laughed over conversations at lunch (after our four trips to the buffet) and we even spotted a celeb in the Detox clinic!

Included in my package was the Detox centre, the first of its kind at Champneys, a series of 6 wellbeing steps including a seaweed body wrap, thelassotherapy and a foot spa. 

I probably wouldn't do it instead of an indulgent treatment such as a massage but it was a fun experience - and you do it in groups so you get to meet people, which is actually more fun than it sounds. I chatted to a few people who had been staying at Champneys for a whole week, and they didn't want to leave!

The Detox centre
You can book manis and pedis during your visit
I saw a few girls with their mums, and a few couples - some men like being pampered too. And it made me think it has been a while since I spent time just me and my mum (in fact, straight after I booked to do the Spirit of Christmas Fair with mine).

One piece of advice though, book your treatments and classes in advance. They often get booked 4-6 weeks ahead and I overheard a few disappointed women trying to book a yoga class and manicures on the day.

You pay extra for smoothies, but it was worth it for the Instagram shot 

Did I relax? Hell yes. Did I turn off my phone? Yep, there is NO phone reception whatsoever so a digital detox is pretty much involuntary.

Thinking of booking some girlie time for a birthday, hen do or just a much needed catch up? Champneys is totally worth it. We reconnected, felt totally zen and revitalised. And then we went back to my friends house for a greasy takeaway and a 90s cheesy movie - the perfect weekend.

I was offered a complimentary day at Champneys with a Detox treatment, and I split the amount with my friends (because you need to share your treats, right?).


  1. Seems a good place!

  2. Sounds wonderful!! I particularly love the idea of a digital detox too
    Ruthie x

  3. I'm yet to visit a Champneys, it's on my list. Which one did you go to? It looks gorgeous. My friend and I keep going to a ridiculously good deal at one called Whittlebury Hall - £19.50 each for 4.30pm-10pm inc buffet dinner! We literally spend the whole time talking, it's a great way to catch up with friends and ditch the technology! x

    1. We went to Tring, near Watford. That deal sounds amazing - might look it up! x

  4. Hi Alexandra,

    Loved to read your post. It's really good to see the detox center of champneys which seems to me very up to date and digital as well. So definitely people will love to get detox treatment from here and will share this with too many people for sure.


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