Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Party shoes you CAN walk in

Images via Pinterest
The once granny shoe of choice has, especially in the last few years, become my go-to style. Yes, I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times, as shoes are my thing, however it's always the walkable ones that stay in my wardrobe. 

There's nothing worse than the fear of wearing your shoes past the first dance, or always having to carry a pair of flats 'just in case' (which in fact I do even with kitten heels often - I'm that bad). 

Luckily for us, the block, kitten and even the micro heel are the shoes of the future and I have seen loads of great ones whilst out on appointments, especially on the High Street (although I would even say to splurge on a pair as a comfy heel is possibly the best investment you can make).

1. Pom pom heels, £36, Next

2. Block heeled sandals, £46, Topshop

3. Sandals, £217.15, Proenza Schouler at The Outnet (only size 39 left!)

4. Velvet pom pom flats, £29, Topshop

5. Lace-up courts, £79, Dune

6. 'Lucy' metallic flat, £450, Jimmy Choo

7. Embellished flats, £85.20, Boden

Oh, and in case you're not interested in walking, or anything boring like that...I did find some 'taxi to party' heels that are a dead ringer for the amazing Aquazurra red fringed heels:

Tassel heels, £65, River Island


  1. I think I am going to have to get those Dune shoes as you have mentioned them so often and they look stunning and I need to be able to walk in my heels!

  2. I got those Dune shoes after I saw them here - and LOVE them. I have four kids and sometimes, when I am exhausted in the evenings, I put them on and stand in front of the mirror and let the chaos continue around me. I'd highly recommend them!

  3. I like shoes of # 3, was it made of leather? it's about how many centimeters high, right? I often have to travel a lot, so I wonder what we have surely not? Please give a few descriptions of it for me?

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  5. A pair of heels is the best option for party shoes, as they will elongate your body and give your confidence a good boost. We are a bit spoiled for choice in this department, as there are so many stunning styles to choose from in party shoes that it can make it difficult to decide.

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  8. Wow, awesome selection of party shoes. I like all of them, but my favorite shoes are #3 and #5. Thanks for sharing the collection with us.
    fashion haul

  9. I showed my girlfriend this page and she was blown off her socks by the block heeled ones. Thankfully, they are affordable so she doesn't have to borrow money from me!

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