Friday, 11 December 2015

My style: Laura Lee Jewellery

I don't really wear much jewellery. I forget to put it on in the morning and I've never really been too much of a statement piece wearer. But there are a few brands I wear religiously and one of them is Laura Lee - my engagement ring is from Laura's beautiful shop in Covent Garden (my husband actually picked it himself!) and I rarely take off my half moon pendant necklace. 

I always get compliments on it and thought I'd do something a little different, a shoot showing my favourite pieces from one of my favourite stores (no, I didn't get to keep it!).

Jumper: £34.95, Muji
Rose gold plated initial necklace: £130, Laura Lee (browse coin disc pendants here)

Half moon necklace: my own, Laura Lee
Silver and rose-gold bangles: from £95, Laura Lee
Black and teal diamond bracelet: £270, Laura Lee
Rose gold hammered ring, £80, Laura Lee
Silver banded ring, £55, Laura Lee
Rose gold initial signet ring, £395, Laura Lee
Laura Lee is not cheap cheap as she works with diamonds, gold and precious stones but there are a lot of affordable pieces instore, but it's also jewellery you would wear everyday - and it's made with love. You can really feel it when you step into the store. 

Cashmere jumper: Gap (old but buy similar here). Wool skirt: £35, AsosBag: £115, The Cambridge Satchel Company. Trainers: £65, Adidas.
You can buy online but as with most jewellery brands, the best selection is in store. If you do happen to be in Covent Garden, you must pop into the store for a try on - it is wonderful to have a browse (see my last post in store here).

Jeans: £11 in the sale, Asos. Boots: £125, And Other Stories. Watch: Mondaine. Silver bangle, £95, Laura Lee. Rose gold textured bangle, £195, Laura Lee
Shirt: YAS at Atterley (old). Camera: Olympus PEN E-PL7 (currently £100 off at John Lewis)
Rose gold plated initial necklace: £130, yellow gold-plated initial necklace, £130, both Laura Lee (browse coin disc pendants here)
Laura Lee was also one of the early pioneers of the initial pendants and personalisation, I've been shooting them for Eve and then Red magazine for years and the signet rings have been on my wishlist for too long.

Jewellery trays: Muji. Jewellery: Laura Lee
Silver and rose-gold bangles: from £95, Laura Lee
Black and teal diamond bracelet: £270, Laura Lee
Yellow gold and labrodite bracelet, £195, Laura Lee
White gold tiny diamond ring: my own, Laura Lee
Rose gold initial signet ring, £395, Laura Lee
Nails: 'Beach Please', £7, Cheeky


  1. Hi - what a lovely post! beautiful fine jewellery pieces. And so personal with getting your engagement ring from there. I just had a question about the mug jumper. Went into store last week and it was £50 to 59 pounds, not around the 30-35 mark you had said. Is there an offer code somewhere? Thanks

    1. Hi Hannah, that's weird as I typed the price from the label! When I went in last week (as my sister was trying to buy one also) they only had ones with cashmere in...this was the New Zealand wool one, so might be sold out? Sorry I can't help more x

  2. Hi Alex, can I ask another question about the Muji jumper? I'm going to be in London and wondered which branches you liked the best for their ranges? I remember the Oxford Street branch being quite big so that might stock knitwear?

    1. Funnily enough I always thought Oxford street was the best but for my post I went to the Tottenham Court Road branch - never been in that one before but it was so much better. Near the corner by Specsavers etc (and near Tiger) xx

  3. Do you have a link for the half moon necklace please? Looks so pretty. Have loved reading your blog this year! Merry Christmas X

    1. Thank you so much for reading! My necklace is this one £150 with diamonds, I ove it

    2. Thanks so much - it arrived today and I'm in loveee! Merry Christmas to me (oops!). xx

    3. Oh I'm so glad! Merry Christmas indeed! xxx

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  7. Awesome photos. i love your stripped shirt. looking really gorgeous.

  8. Hello,

    Can you please let me know where the gold pineapple trinket dish is from?

    Love it (and your blog!)


  9. Hi, I really liked your bracelet. I was looking for something like this since a month, Would you please tell me from where did you buy it?

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