Thursday, 17 December 2015

That's a Wrap

Brown paper: Sam's 99p store Tooting. Washi tape: £2 pack of 3, Muji. Stickers (part of a sticker book, £12, Kikki K. Stag kraft tags, 85p for pack of 8, Wilkinsons. Rubber stamps: £4.95, Muji. Seaweed lip balm, £15, Haeckels
I don't usually do wrapping 'themes'. The main reason being that I always just use brown paper from my 99p store, then you can use it all year round - and then update it every Christmas with different ribbon, tape, stickers and stamps. More cost efficient, not so much waste and essentially more fun (if, like me, you love wrapping).

There are loads of fab, independent stationery stores online these days with a fab range of wrapping accessories and I can spend ages scrolling, my absolute favourites are Quill LondonPapermash and Present and Correct. When it comes to stationery, I never really grew up and still collect stickers. I know... 

And have you been to the new Kikki K store in Covent Garden? Newly opened, you must go if you are around - it is what London has been missing in a stationery store if you ask me (but they sell online, too).

Anyway, I digress...present-wise, I save ribbon from gifts and packaging all year round and love using brown twine for presents (usually from Wilkinson), so cheap and looks effortless. Tiger also do great kraft paper labels, too - 10 for a £1. 

Sometimes the best techniques are the simplest.

1. Alphabet rubber stamps, £4.95, Muji

2. Woodland gift stickers, £1.25, Paperchase

3. Gift tags, £4.50, Quill London

4. Gold deer stickers, £3.90, Etsy

5. Gold 'open me' washi tape, £4.50, Quill London

6. Navy star washi tape, £1.69, Etsy

7. Kraft paper tags, £1 for set of 5, Wilkinsons

8. Colour tassel gift tags, £5, Meri Meri

9. 2 label sheets, £3, Kikki K

And you might want a little something special to wrap all these up with...

Crane scissors: £9.50, Quill London


  1. I also love wrapping and have also decided this year to go with brown paper and re-use all of the fancy ribbons i have received in the past, adding a few fun stickers along the way! Great minds think alike, but I quite like how rustic and simplistic they look, next year I will probably be back with the glittery paper! Merry Christmas, Frankie

    1. This year was partly abut saving money, and partly about using up all the leftover paper we had from last year! I love the idea of planning a theme....but I alws have loads of ribbons and spare paper that needs to be used and just can't bear to buy new each time! x

  2. OMG only just discovered the store kikki k yesterday while out with friends. I spent ages in the store just looking at how beautiful everything was. You're right, it is definitely what London is missing. Love your wrapping :)
    Tee x

    1. I'm going to be a regular Kikki K shopper, for sure -so good for little gifts for friends, too! x


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