Thursday, 17 March 2016

Pyjama party

Shirt: £49.99, Zara. Jeans: £19.99, H&M. Heels: Jimmy Choo (old but buy similar here). Earrings: H&M (bought instore). Chair: £299, Out and Out Original
Let it be said I love comfy clothing. So anything that represents tracksuit bottoms, slippers and pjs - I'm all in. So when this shirt in Zara caught my eye (yes I had a Zara meltdown last week and bought the entire store), I knew it was meant for me. I'd always been lusting after a J Crew one from years ago, and gutted I missed out on the Marni x H&M one a few years back. Still thinking about it 2 years on and it's still in style? A good purchase.

But pyjama shirts don't have to be a round the house style - I mainly bought this for the evening, with my favourite lace heels and new H&M frayed edge jeans. Underwear is also key this season so don't be scared to show a bit of lace edge of a bra or cami underneath. 

Also: earrings are back. The bigger the better. Yes, I do feel slightly like one of the girls John Candy sold curtain rings to in Planes, Trains and Automobiles (and if you don't get this reference I'm not sure we can ever be friends). But: fashion.

Tiny diamond half moon necklace: £150, Laura lee Jewellery. Gold-plated 'eye' necklace: £21, Estella Bartlett

Shirt: £49.99, Zara. Jeans: £19.99, H&M. Heels: Jimmy Choo (old but buy similar here). Earrings: H&M (bought instore)


  1. Gorgeous, I love the pyjama top and the fact that it is affordable is perfect, as lots of them are so expensive! Love being not too dressed up and this is the perfect night out look, I so need a trip to Zara this weekend xxxxx

    1. I also saw a fab cropped burgundy one in And Other Stories - the Rodarte collab - so check out there as well! x

  2. Wow, this set of outfit looks so great !!!

  3. Looking lovely, love this outfit!


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