Saturday, 23 April 2016

Frugal Wedding Dresses: Asos

Times, they are a changing. Although the majority of people want the strapless gown of their dreams, some just have different priorities and want something modern, cool and affordable. Enter Asos Bridal to solve all our wedding woes - be it for a blushing bride (underwear, veils, accessories as well as the main event dress), a gorgeous Bridesmaid or as a guest - this section on the website is dedicated to all wedding associated sartorial  dilemmas, and it is surprisingly chic.

Lace and pearl maxi dress: £250, Asos Bridal

Lace dress: £160, Asos Bridal

Dress: £65, Asos Wedding
Trophy jacket: £160, A Star is Born at Asos

Frill detail maxi dress: £70, Asos Wedding
Lace column dress: £300, Self Portrait at Asos
The last wedding I attended was in a pub in Tooting and the Bride wore Self Portrait and she looked low key and incredible. So here's to the relaxed, cool, self assured Bride on a Budget - my kind of woman.


  1. Love that such beautiful options are now available. There is a gorgeous two piece from Needle & Thread at ASOS that i would have loved for my wedding. Don't get me wrong i loved my wedding dress but i like that now there are more affordable & alternative options now around - not everyone wants a poofy princess dress. Really like the 5th image - the jacket is amazing!

    1. Yes, totally agree! I had a short dress for mine, but still too expensive - there was a J Crew one I liked at the time too, but my bridesmaids ended up wearing J Crew instead - so nice there are more options out there x

  2. Lovely post :) I got my wedding dress from Reformation and my bridesmaids are all going to be in ASOS. My sister-in-law to be got our bridesmaids dresses from Dessy and although they're cut beautifully, not only did they order us in the wrong sizes, but they also said they were silk on the website and they're 100% polyester! Just proves price doesn't always equal quality.

    1. LOVE this - and intrigued by your Refomration dress - love their stuff! And yes so true about Dessy, I think they captured a market and sadly trying to get away with things, these more affordable options might push them into upping their game, hopefully! x


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