Saturday, 9 April 2016

Storage solutions for small spaces

Storage from left: Wilkinson, Wilkinson, Ikea, Ikea
Like most UK city dwellers, I'm a storage fiend. I always look for beds and sofas with space underneath and fill my drawers with boxes, compartmentalising everything inside. 

Despite being Taurean, I am essentially a typical Virgo, loving order.  But they still need to look nice, and with so many great baskets, and trays around at the moment I thought I'd share where I get mine from. 

Under the bed? I love Wilkinson's wire trays which I can pull out and get to easily, or TK Maxx has great wicker ones. I store all my spare toiletries, nail polishes, spare presents and travel items for when I go away with work.

Wicker basket: £6, TK Maxx (also, I may have too many nail varnishes)
Too many shoes? We have this cabinet from Ikea, which I keep most of my everyday trainers in. It has a handy small drawer at the top too, which is great for shoe wet wipes (you can buy from M&S) and umbrellas. I have just painted ours dark grey so it looks a little less generic (photos soon!).

'Hemnes' shoe cabinet, £100, Ikea
For my paperwork? I basically live and die by Muji's acrylic storage. And I love their small stacking boxes, which I use for all my jewellery and notecards (yes, I still write handwritten cards).

Gold mesh tray: £15, Habitat.  Acrylic drawers: £8.95 for set of 2, Muji. Wire storage trays (to the left): TK Maxx (bought instore)
I also love all the baskets from H&M Home, I bought one for umbrellas to go by our front door, and use all the wire baskets for toilet rolls, to store make-up products etc. I also love the compartment boxes from Ikea (below) to use in drawers.

1. Large cotton storage basket, £14.99, H&M Home

2. Linen shoe storage, £10, Muji

3. Felt storage basket, £12.99, H&M Home

4. Basket, £7, Ikea

5. Combination of boxes, £17, Ikea

6. Basket with pom poms, £35.10, Smallable

7. 2 grey wicker baskets, £8, Wilkinson

8. Small wire basket, £7.99, H&M

9. Footstool with storage, £170, Habitat


  1. Can't beat storage hacks! My room is a good size at the moment but about to down size so tips well needed.


    1. Good storage is the stuff of dreams for me!

  2. Snap, I'm a Virgo too. It's nice to hear from fellow Virgo's even *pretend* ones!! ;) x

    1. Funnily enough, my husband is Virgo but is the v laidback, not so neat one!

  3. We're about to move into our smallest property yet and I'm desperately searching for storage hacks while still making the place look nice. Main search is for the bathroom- it's tiny!!!!

    1. There are so many options -try chic copper storage that you can hang over the back of the door, for instance?

  4. When do you start doing home visits Alex?!? Loved this. We live in what is basically an oversized attic cupboard - an extremely beautiful one but all the same it's so hard fitting everything in and making it look lovely at the same time and be practical to get into and out of easily xxxx

    1. Haha - the new Marie Kondo! I must admit, buying a few chic baskets makes it feel a lot less 'stuffed' in and slightly chicer xx

  5. Compartmentalisation and making use of hidden spaces under the bed and overhead are fantastic ways of maximising storage at home! You'll be surprised what extra real estate you can get out of a room if you work hard to tidy things up! All you need to do is be objective in whether or not something needs to be kept.


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