Friday, 6 May 2016

Trend: The bomber jacket

Jacket: £34.99, BershkaCashmere jumper: £198, Velvet by Graham Spencer. Jeans: £168, Mother Denim. Shoes: £268, J Crew. Straw bag: £59.50, J Crew
The jacket of the season, but it can go a bit OTT. I'd say steer clear of too many logos or dragons (unless it's an authentic vintage Japanese tour jacket, that is). If you're not going super luxe, then keep it simple and stick to monochrome and navy palettes. Easy to wear, throw it on with jeans or over your shoulders to dress down an evening look.

I'm super chuffed with my Bershka bomber - it was the first time I'd gone into the store (I'd always assumed it was too young in the past) and there were a few good bits, it just goes to show don't judge a store by its previous marketing campaigns!

Bomber jacket: £35.99, Bershka
Jacket: £79.99, Zara

Jacket, £24.99, New Look
Embroidered bomber jacket, £225, Needle and Thread


  1. Such a gorgeous dress. Great post!!

  2. Want that Bomber. Amazing!


  3. Great jacket! Really like the colour scheme of it. Those shoes are wonderful too - J. Crew produce very neat footwear. You make something that can be percieved to be very OTT look extremely simplistic and minimal. Great effort, Alexandra.
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  4. Finally, there is something original and unusual in the trend. As for me this jacket is a great addition to the wardrobe of every girl. This thing looks great in casual.

  5. The Jam went through a phase of wearing satin jackets. But that was pre-getting signed and making it, when we were still playing the pubs and clubs
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  6. Love your blog and posts!!! <3

  7. This looks nice. I also have bomber jacket of navy blue colour. So to accessorize the jacket I always prefer to carry a navy clutch purse.

  8. I love a good bomber jacket! Just started a blog called 'The Kara Edit', please check it out!

  9. It's amazing jacket color is also unique. I like to buy celebrity leather jackets. thanks for sharing for fashionable post

  10. I really like your decision to post a video at the top of the page. I think this is much more impressive than a photo.


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