Thursday, 9 June 2016

Day dressing...

Dress: £45, Topshop. Bag: Manu Atelier. Sunglasses: £14, Topshop. Watch: £135, Shore Projects. Sandals: £42, Topshop. Photographs: Christopher O'Donnell
As the weather starts to heat up (finally!), I get to the tricky conundrum of what to actually wear in general. I can't be bothered to think about piecing together outfits, so I turn to dresses. One thing to just sling on and be done, and the shirt dress fits the bill.

Smart, cool and not too short (which most dresses I try on seem to be right now) - this linen Topshop dress is great for work, weekend or citybreaking, as it proved to be in Copenhagen last weekend. Just throw on some chunky flats for an easy look - and needless to say, monochrome is still my answer to everything. 

That's not to say the dress doesn't need some 'help', a rolled up sleeve and unbuttoning of the top and bottom buttons goes wonders into 'sexing' this dress up (I'm not purist enough to leave it untouched) as well as adding some summer bling - a summer dress isn't complete with a touch of gold chains, if you ask me.

Topshop is back on my go-to shops recently, with the rise of the Juno glove shoe, I've been instore more and more - and especially with the pre-trip panics I get myself into (always swearing I don't have enough clothes - which is absolute rubbish, of course). Shoe-wise too, they are unparalelled and I love to find a decent pair of sunglasses which don't cost over £150 (no small feat these days!).

Diamond necklace: £150, Laura Lee Jewellery. Circle pendant necklace: Tom Shot at Cadenzza

Dress: £45, Topshop. Bag: Manu Atelier. Sunglasses: £14, Topshop. Watch: £135, Shore Projects. Bracelet: £99, Cadenzza. Photographs: Christopher O'Donnell

We took these photos in Copenhagen, where the weather can only be described as 'glorious', not to mention the city being fabulously photogenic (in fact, if I could complain about anything - there were too many bicycles and not enough walls for photos - ha!). I never really associate Scandinavian countries with warmth, but boy was I wrong. Monochrome was also a good packing ploy, as I really fitted in with the locals - they say Scandis do monochrome well, I didn't realise how much until Copenhagen - everyone was in black! It does make life easier, and I'm a sucker for anything easy.

Dress: £45, Topshop. Bag: Manu Atelier. Sunglasses: £14, Topshop. Watch: £135, Shore Projects. Sandals: £42, Topshop.

This post was in collaboration with Topshop, one of my favourite UK High Street stores. Shop the post here:


  1. Gorgeous sandals. I'm loving all the chunky sandals out there at the moment! Jane X

    1. I love these too - a little more oomph than a classic Birkenstock too x

  2. I'm all about shirts and shirt dresses at the moment.Is the material for this thick enough that you don't see your underwear through it? That's my worry with white dresses. I saw a lovely one in Oliver Bonas yesterday,white shirt dress with a fine blue stripe, but I could totally see the outline of my undies through it!

    1. yes! Should've mentioned that actually...not see through at all, quite a thick linen and sturdy x

  3. Nice dress, It looks combination of Shirt and Indian dress called Kurti. But still looks amazing.


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